Another Day Another Blog Post


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First I pondered

The fact is, there has been a long gap since the last time that I blogged.  I had a burst of blogging that lasted for a few weeks and then it petered out and for a while I didn’t feel that I had as much to say so I just stopped.

Over time, I watched the stats to see what happened and pondered this whole matter.

Why do I do it?

The reality is that my blogging is “holistic” which is another way of saying ‘hodge podge’ and off-base.  My blogging often fails to perform like the purely professional blog of an author.  It also fails to be purely personal.  In some respects this is healthier but for professional purposes it doesn’t seem to help.

Let’s face it, some days I just want people to buy my novels or short fiction stories instead of not.  I am so sick of people not spending to buy and read my fiction and non-fiction.  I don’t have a gigantic advertising budget and am not harsh enough to make you all buy.  My purse and bank accounts would appreciate it if I or personal henchmen of mine would make you all buy my published fiction and non-fiction that is for sale so I can get *&^% paid for working!

Other days, I blog because I just want to connect with other real people.  I’d rather do so in person, but either due to spending issues or laziness or loving being at home, I try blogging to do it.  This is also OK but is an entirely different motive.

There are also many times when I have blogged hoping that it would actually help others, with a secondary motive that someone might hear of me and some day it might lead to landing a job or selling copies of my novels, or making friends or all of the above.



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Blog History

I think it’s true that someone hired me to ghostwrite at their real estate blog as a pro. prior to my ever writing a blog of my own.  That was way back in the previous decade…and here are near the end of the next one.

Aside from that, I mainly remember that just as I started to get into structured blogging and advanced zhan Zhuang qi gong, I somehow suffered from a setback which made it so that I haven’t made any definite progress in those directions since.

I blogged for years; then began to get more professional and more structured about it; then had a setback; then did less, and then resumed some kind of undisciplined, wild blogging.


Today, I suppose I picked ‘interactive’ motivation in that I didn’t know what to blog.  So, I read a couple of other peoples’ posts.  After that I just wrote this.

Value / Lesson

Maybe this will reach someone.  I guess the best result for any readers would be that whole “motive awareness” aspect of it….but I can’t guarantee that it won’t be the amazing photo of the solar eclipse.


Writer’s Advice: this depends on which type of writer you are.  If you don’t know trying some can help answer the question.  If you just need it to be a job, that can influence your decision.

Personal Note: Trying to make a living writing for me, personally is difficult but not every writer has this problem.  I even tried to make sure I would have some other good day job and just write on the side, but that ‘side’ was forced center stage circa 2004. 

Cross-cultural: They say Germans are Krauts.  This either means they are cabbages or herbs.  If cabbages I think I now conclude that it is just that they are psychologically more tightly wrapped to themselves for their own safety from the winds of Northern Germany than those who are more loosely packed like the lettuce.  I think maybe they are more like herbs but were just glad that someone learned at least one German word and did not bother to correct the English speaking people.  Krauter tee is a cornerstone of German medicine..Or was in the old days, and so is as much ‘heritage’ as the heavy use of bricks and wind mills.

Southern Germany is mountainous and Northern Germany is flat.  Strangely enough, Indiana is similar in that respect.

Good luck out there, all over the place where you read this.

Early Blogging with Snow

Here we are in the last week of Winter on St. Patrick’s Day.  As an American I am really noticing that the Germans do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, for 2 or 3 reasons.  They are not as much of a Catholic country; there are not very many (known) Irish immigrants in Germany – although I might look that up on the Internet to see how many Irish did immigrate to Germany back during that 19th century potato famine.  Germany does not absorb immigrants with the same attitude as the Americans, but they do take in immigrants and have for a long time.  Germany was not flooded with Irish.  I love St. Patty’s Day, green beer and all, but that is why.

We have snow here in this German village.  I have spent only about an hour with German today, which is far less than most of the local Germans and tons more than I ever even considered doing until I realized that there might be a few years of my life when I am inundated by it because I am in Germany.  “Swamped”, so to speak.  All the foreigners in the USA feel the same way about being “swamped” with so much English it is totally overwhelming.  I have hung out at home speaking English with my American & German son and have written a little bit in German and a lot more in English.  I will probably do more with German today.

I do not blame the Germans for being German – I did travel to their country knowing it is Germany.  Even so, I still do react naturally and unnaturally just because I am an American woman in Germany, not a German and unlike my son, who is a junior German but also an American, I am not a German who only arrived recently.  I am trying to find some reasonable way of dealing with it.  I don’t know if I will but this is what it is like on the first snowy day here in a German village that there has been in weeks.

PS: recently, I counted and found that I know at least one word or more of 23 languages.  As a child I thought being polylingual would be great.  I am still not even bilingual or trilingual but know at least a little of many languages from Japanese to the usual French, Spanish, Latin, and German and Dutch and so on.