Does Adult Development Really Exist? 2014

While growing up, most of the developmental changes are so obvious there is not much question about their reality.  Once grown up there is a lot of psycho-social pain associated with ways in which we have tended to be competitive and changes that seem more like signs of degeneration than progression. 

Personally I believe that adults can continue to develop and grow and not only age and degenerate. 

Whether or not adulthood is easier than childhood seems to vary from person to person.  During my childhood I foresaw that my adult life would be awash with glory and joy and success.  While my adult life so far has not just been ‘a total wash out’, it has not been as good as I had intended, hoped and also tried to make be the case.  Some of what I have liked the most so far was spontaneous stuff that came up along the way and some has been times when I managed to do at least something along the lines of what I had planned for myself. 

To clarify.  Back in my early 30s I had for a job one of those spontaneous ‘nothing to do with what I’d planned but pretty pleasant’ types of day jobs.  It was seasonal and so when it rained we called the day ‘a wash out’ and didn’t work.  That was what I meant.