Chaos Post – poetic prose

This post may contain nonsequiters and other signs of being a stream of consciousness relationship with context than a carefully structured advertisement for an attractive new urban crime novel.

The novel shown on the left can be purchased directly using  .  Not only did I write it and edit it at least 7 times, but it is finally for sale in a respectable form.  I have touched it and can confirm that if you buy it I know what you will be getting.   I am actually quite proud of it, as it is my first published novel.  I wrote it after working as a professional writer for a while, mostly as a ghostwriter working from home while living in the same big city that the novel is set in:  Indianapolis.

Everyone who lives or has visited Indianapolis that not everyone there has the same color skin.  This doesn’t need to be a problem but some – and luckily only some, of the people who live there make a drama of a small matter like that.  There are characters of more than one so-called “race” in the story.  Which ones shows what it was really like there when the story was written and is not intended to insult those not represented in the story.  Unlike too many stories prior to 1970, there are both good guys and bad guys of more than one color rather than color coding the good guys and bad guys.

Meanwhile, I have tried multiple times to get the blog out without the “shame” of showing that there is a domain name problem.  What really happened is that I renewed but the system acted as if I had not.  Then, what happened was that I got a new domain name and have asked that my blog be changed over to the new domain.  I have requested this assistance at least 3 times but it did not come through for me.  I am hoping that now it finally will.

Disturbed, now that it’s all over 2015

This is just about tunes.  I discovered the band Disturbed through Indianapolis’s X103.3 radio station.  In truth, I have dealt with leading a very different sociological lifestyle for the past few years in a German village and it made me sort of exaggerate the memory of everything I liked about living while being way more socially included:  a big city in which most folks speak English…including the memories of the band’s new hit singles on the car  radio.

During the past few years I have continued to ‘learn some music’ by which I only mean as a fan/listener type and with plenty of time on my hands I finally got around to listening to at least 4 or 5 of Disturbed’s cds so much that I have memorized some of the music even though I still can’t play it.  LOL and Duh, but none of the songs can be effectively played by one person, even if the person is a well trained musician let alone if one is not.  In truth, the way I am it can take 100 repeats of listening to a song to pick up a stable awareness of the different parts.  The first 39 times my brain sort of flits between absorbing the whole thing as one and switching around from noticing a few drum beats, one stanza of the song lyrics and then a few riffs, etc..  This creates of good holistic image and is horribly inaccurate for being clear about who actually did what when it comes to every song.  I’m sure large #s of you have similar experiences as a music listener.

This is the not the only band who’s music I have listened to, but one of the big ‘newish’ ones.  They are actually younger than me, which freaks me out at moments, but less than 5 years younger I think, so it is not too weird.

They dissolved the band, feeling they completed their mission and ready to move on.  I am just glad if they quit while they were ahead and don’t hate each other and will turn up elsewhere.  I have heard of the Device project but don’t know it.

I’d love to read your comments about how you think and feel about music, this band or another.

Life On Hold? – Telecommunications – iPhones, Smart Phones, land lines, handies

Have you noticed how one of the changes of the 21st century is that the amount of time people spend on hold has increased?  There are multiple reasons for this.  One is that so many people are on the Internet and mechanized service responses have grown…Which means people call in and a machine sorts the call and then people wait.  What is so great about this is when people wait around at home rather than in traffic jams.  What is not so great about this is dealing with being on hold.

Often being on hold is like a miniature review session about how time is perceived.  Even though we can spend hours doing what we love, especially if we have ‘zoned into’ what we are doing, being on hold for even 5 seconds can make us feel like prisoners being treated unjustly, or like demons ready to destroy the low-lifes on the other end who have done this to us.

In reality, online and telephone technical services have improved over the years.  Never before has being able to explain how to do something in words when not able to see been such a valuable skill.  Most customer service agents do not earn a lot of money themselves, but some get more or less.  Despite that, the ability to analyze and solve problems over the phone is more valuable as a marketable skill than ever before in history.

How to cope with time spent on hold?  That depends a  lot on which type of device you are using and what your context is.

If you are in a social context, I highly recommend exchange some polite or friendly body language or even speech with those around you in body but not in social media.  If not, one must choose carefully.  Needless to say, one does not wish to put down or pull away from the phone to do something while on hold only to end up sobbing because one missed the call and has to start over.

They Don’t Accept Real Money December 2013

Hello again dear Readers.  If you have not been here before, “Welcome”.  If you have been around, good of you to come by again. 

Yesterday, I read about how to improve the quality of the blog, mainly for your short term benefit and my potential business improvements.  I know that’s telling you too much, but – imagine leaning forward and I do to, this makes it more like you’re in on it with me than it would be if I make sure I don’t tell you that. 

If you have been with me this whole time then you know that there is the issue about spending on making the blog environment more beautiful.  I finally did it and have even tried to renew.  Do you know what the system does?  It tries to force you into using a credit card.  If you can pay it off right away and have one or more credit cards it is not that bad but if you don’t or use it then forget – it might make it worse later rather than better.  I depend on something that is sometimes accepted and other times rejected for this new 21st century way of doing things.

In truth, I think more frequent changes in systems and technologies and methods is going to be a 21st century trend.  I hope that is not only to keep forcing the customers to buy more even after they have everything they need because unless they continue to both have work – which depends on the existence of their customers, and to get anything – which depends on the existence of having things to buy and on needing to get new stuff…Otherwise it won’t work unless deeper cultural changes occur.

What I meant by ‘they don’t accept real money’ in this case was:  1) I wanted to point out that American money has a built in mixed message now about how it is perfectly good real money but if you read it, it essentially tells you that it is an IOU.  American currency is passing IOUs around.  Well, credit cards – or forcing everyone to use credit cards would be ultimately doing the same thing…Perhaps we have all watched way too much Star Trek and heard the currency ‘credits’.  If at some point no one puts any real money onto credit cards, but debts can be paid off by receiving ‘points’ from other peoples’ credit cards then we can in fact live on borrowing money notes all the time.  Now, you may feel a little like you have entered the Twilight Zone which is the first line of a Rush (the Canadian rock band I love) song and also a reference to a TV show that those born before about 1980 may clearly recall from their personal life experience. 

Getting used to the 21st Century

Here we are in the Information Age with an International Space Station and the recent retirement of the Space Shuttle program.  Curiosity has made it to Mars and the photos were available on the Internet in less than 24 hours of when NASA scientists received the information. 

On a personal level, I have one of the same questions that everyone else using a PC [may or may not be a laptop] has: what is the best way for me to use this thing? 

As an author who does not have the budget to take myself all over the world attending writer’s conferences and bank rolling marketing campaigns for the books, one of the main reasons for using the Internet is to meet other people in the industry for career development and also to find and meet the people who would enjoy being ….well, perhaps ‘fans of my work’ is the correct phrase.  I feel a bit weird about that, just because I don’t mean to offend any of you and I’m just this person, same as you are. 

Today, all I can do is urge you to visit Uranian Fiction websites and check out my works.  With any luck, you and your friends will pre-order from Alethia publishing or use Amazon to click and buy a book that I actually wrote which is for sale – in a way that I will actually get paid for the work involved in putting that stuff together. 

Keeping the Internet in perspective is an issue which has now been around for 20 years or so.  Annually, I ask myself about how I use the computer.  Like so many of you I have used a PC on and off since the late 1980s but the way that I do has changed over the years.  It may well continue to do so.

The main reason I am stopping is that blog posts that run over 400 words start to seem like they might be ‘getting too long’.