Books and stories by M. Pia & R.Fitzgerald Jr.

The Future of Engineering – an anthology
This anthology of short science fiction stories is ideal for college students or those who are curious about it. The author originally wrote these while living as a foreign exchange graduate student in London, England. While, definitely science fiction shorts, the ambiance of international academia and college students shines as the background setting.

Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time
This is a single short science fiction story starring Jimmy Bodeilo who is about 11 years old. He appears in more than one story by the same author. To keep it simple “If it is a Jimmy Bodeilo story, then you know it is for kids.”

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead  This is an urban crime novel.  You can also check out a page at the blog, and read a chapter for free.

The Children of Loki at Using mercenaries in corporate conflict and cross-cultural relationships are the central themes of The Children of Loki. A middle-aged mulatto man from planet Earth discovers his military muse when he comes across one of Emperor Rejkyavik’s organic sentient warriors in The Rim.

Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them In stark contrast to the other works, this is a practical philosophy mini-book.  Is there a God?  What is knowledge? Is morality absolute or relative?  These answers and more are addressed in this short and handy publication.

Just click on the link to purchase any of these.  They are all available at multiple locations.  The books can be ordered at any book store.  The short stories are available to Kindle readers.


Free Sample: The Future of Engineering * no danger to people above 15 years

The Future of Engineering

  A team of graduate students solves a technical mystery in this futuristic academic setting: see excerpt below.

Disruption struck the engineering laboratory of an English university. Computer screens crackled and went dark. Testers and timers scratched; fuses burst in those bundles of electronic parts. Graduate students gasped and cursed. Students looked away from their projects to their comrades.

“Did you just lose power?” they asked each other.Office doors swung wide. The advanced students and those with the prestige of office space squinted up to the glowing neon lights and cursed in a variety of languages. None of them were British.

“It’s the storm,” suggested an undergraduate working on her final project.A German man glowered. “Storm? There is no storm.”

“Have you been outside recently?” the young woman replied. “Have you even been near a window leading to the outside world?”

The young German man with the office without windows frowned.“No, I haven’t.”

Illustrations & Writing Fiction

Writing for Children

Children’s writers often contend with the need for illustrations.  The situation for ghostwriters is not necessarily the same as it is for someone who feels very much either: an illustrator or an author.

My Truth

Well, actually, so far the only time I illustrated my own fiction was on a project which has never been published.  The project was still good: I wrote some children’s stories for my son and painted some water colors to go with them.  In truth, I was relieved that the water color paintings were any good.  It is also true that only people who enjoy stylized art would appreciate them.

Guilt of a Cheap Ghostwriter

I am guilty of having earned some money as a hideously cheap ghostwriter at times.  I had not wish to be so cheap but did want professional experience ghostwriting.  Some cases of that involved writing children’s stories.  There were times when a real person who “is an illustrator” came up with a concept and like with comics, still needed a writer.  In other cases, someone had an idea and paid both a writer and an illustrator and I handled the writing of a very short children’s story.

I do also do some writing for children as an author.  It isn’t that predictable, when I do or don’t, but if you check the post called A Quick Tour of Published Works, you can find the link and buy a copy of a story that also appears in Stories from the Heart an anthology.  In both cases, the story is available to Kindle readers.

Those who are

Over at my Facebook page there are a few ‘real illustrators’ such as Duncan Long – if you are ever seeking someone to draw a book cover.