International Gossip: Canada according to Germany

America Shocked

The USA was shocked the other day when reminded for the umpteenth time by Canada that Germany views them as a perfectly real and rather powerful first world nation.

Canada snubbed?!

The USA then felt embarrassed about being shocked because all of that is sort of ‘safely assumed’ ‘goes without saying’ about what Canada is like.  The USA was confronted by emotions one has when instead of trying to keep up with the Jones, the Jones can’t quite keep up…I mean, fortunately that’s how it seems from the American perspective about Canada….but Canada doesn’t really see it that way.

Canada smooches Germany?!

Canada felt slightly, but not severely nonplussed when the USA offended them again.  Canada took solace in Germany’s 2nd post-WW2 generation of “Not NaZis, but still speaking the German language” kindness and more respectful manner towards them.

Canada snubs the USA

Canada decided to sit next to Germany at the picnic.  Educated Germany can speak enough English and also provides universal health coverage.  Canada shared with Germany the rumor that the USA had a per capita consumption of more than double the rate of the next nearest nation: the big hog of the globe, they said.

Male & Female USA

Male USA pretended to not notice and didn’t believe the rumor.  Male USA felt superior to both Canada and Germany.  Female USA felt embarrassed by male USA but still needs his money and help raising the children.  She realized that the criticism made by Canada and Germany might have some truth to it.

Last words:

In truth, blog readers, I was told that Canada noticed me today, so I wanted to say something to you.


Heute 2019

Hier wir sind in Januar

In Realitaet ich hoffe manche die Deutschen finden dass und nicht nuer anderen Amerikansichen Leute aber auf Deutsch.


Alles auf Deutschland bei der Internet ist markt .de am ende; keine .com.

Nach ich weider erreicht zum die Vereinigte Staaten hin und her ich findet ein Mensche wer Duetsch sprechen koennen…und eben macht Anfang versuchen zum ein kleine Deutschklub zu machen so wir zusammen nutzen eure Deutsch…ebenso wir sind nicht sehr alte Juden aus Deutschland vor der Krieg.

Naturlich aber immer noch sehr Fremd

In Deutschland die Leute Deutsch sprechen als Mutter Sprache und ganz Normal, so so dass ich schreiben sie alle hoffen sie koennen mich diesem Weg verstanden werden.

Wann ich weider erreicht zum mein Heimatland ich findet, natuerlich aber vielleicht zu Stark, das die Leute Hier Englisch sprechen als Normal.

Natuerlich, das ist die Total Grund ich hatte nicht Detusch gelernt als Muttersprache, aber nach ich habe so viele Deutsch lernte, zu rueckkern zu Deutsch relative Nutzlos sein ist ein bischen verruckt, aber nicht mehr so dann wie die Deutsch war die erste 2 oder 3 Jahren in Deutschland….(ha ha) Ich glaube jemanden finden dass gleiches aber moistens dalang macht die erste 2 oder 3 Jahren direkt aus die Mutter geboren sind.


Moglicherweise mehr Spaeter.  Tut mir leid ob diesem Nachricht ist so ….relative bedeutungslos “Nachricht als: ich mache Nachricht zu die Deutschen”.

Themed blogging: The German Word “Grenzen” 2014.

Most of you reading this are used to English but some may be brave Germans and others may even be curious about Germany.

The German language: it is not very sexy but is good – like so many parents and friends or the kids and house pets etc.

My bias: I love the sound of Spanish and Tibetan when spoken. French also sounds wondrous and romantic – the French can probably say “The dog has fleas” and to me it would sound more like, “I love you; here is a rose.”

German is not really like that. One of the best tips I ever received about German is that it is a modular language. Not only did I find this helpful when I first began to use the language, I continue to find that this is a great tip. If erector sets came as languages, the German one would be very popular. While conjugation can be uncomfortably complicated, so many problems can be solved by simply adding the correct suffix or prefix – almost as effective as adding sugar or butter or syrup to make anything taste good.

What is a “Grenzen”? It means boundary by itself, but also shows up in an early German word I learned “Geschwindigkeitbegrenzung” which has “Grenzung” in it which is what it seems – the noun form of “Grenzen”. The language is like that a lot. It can be tiresome to say, but is advantageous to create really clear meanings and to be as precise as, well, “German engineering”.