International Gossip: Canada according to Germany

America Shocked

The USA was shocked the other day when reminded for the umpteenth time by Canada that Germany views them as a perfectly real and rather powerful first world nation.

Canada snubbed?!

The USA then felt embarrassed about being shocked because all of that is sort of ‘safely assumed’ ‘goes without saying’ about what Canada is like.  The USA was confronted by emotions one has when instead of trying to keep up with the Jones, the Jones can’t quite keep up…I mean, fortunately that’s how it seems from the American perspective about Canada….but Canada doesn’t really see it that way.

Canada smooches Germany?!

Canada felt slightly, but not severely nonplussed when the USA offended them again.  Canada took solace in Germany’s 2nd post-WW2 generation of “Not NaZis, but still speaking the German language” kindness and more respectful manner towards them.

Canada snubs the USA

Canada decided to sit next to Germany at the picnic.  Educated Germany can speak enough English and also provides universal health coverage.  Canada shared with Germany the rumor that the USA had a per capita consumption of more than double the rate of the next nearest nation: the big hog of the globe, they said.

Male & Female USA

Male USA pretended to not notice and didn’t believe the rumor.  Male USA felt superior to both Canada and Germany.  Female USA felt embarrassed by male USA but still needs his money and help raising the children.  She realized that the criticism made by Canada and Germany might have some truth to it.

Last words:

In truth, blog readers, I was told that Canada noticed me today, so I wanted to say something to you.


Heute 2019

Hier wir sind in Januar

In Realitaet ich hoffe manche die Deutschen finden dass und nicht nuer anderen Amerikansichen Leute aber auf Deutsch.


Alles auf Deutschland bei der Internet ist markt .de am ende; keine .com.

Nach ich weider erreicht zum die Vereinigte Staaten hin und her ich findet ein Mensche wer Duetsch sprechen koennen…und eben macht Anfang versuchen zum ein kleine Deutschklub zu machen so wir zusammen nutzen eure Deutsch…ebenso wir sind nicht sehr alte Juden aus Deutschland vor der Krieg.

Naturlich aber immer noch sehr Fremd

In Deutschland die Leute Deutsch sprechen als Mutter Sprache und ganz Normal, so so dass ich schreiben sie alle hoffen sie koennen mich diesem Weg verstanden werden.

Wann ich weider erreicht zum mein Heimatland ich findet, natuerlich aber vielleicht zu Stark, das die Leute Hier Englisch sprechen als Normal.

Natuerlich, das ist die Total Grund ich hatte nicht Detusch gelernt als Muttersprache, aber nach ich habe so viele Deutsch lernte, zu rueckkern zu Deutsch relative Nutzlos sein ist ein bischen verruckt, aber nicht mehr so dann wie die Deutsch war die erste 2 oder 3 Jahren in Deutschland….(ha ha) Ich glaube jemanden finden dass gleiches aber moistens dalang macht die erste 2 oder 3 Jahren direkt aus die Mutter geboren sind.


Moglicherweise mehr Spaeter.  Tut mir leid ob diesem Nachricht ist so ….relative bedeutungslos “Nachricht als: ich mache Nachricht zu die Deutschen”.

For You

the most concise work of applied philosophy ever known

What this is

This is a short booklet that introduces philosophy to readers in a practical way.  It is not the same as a critical thinking textbook, nor is it a ‘corporate philosophy’ lesson.  Each of the 5 major branches of philosophy are covered in one chapter.

The reader is not expected to know much about the subject.

What it has to do with being young or self centred

Personally, I started studying philosophy for a while when I was young, but adult.  I was always reading the philosophers to see what, if anything, they had to say might be of personal relevance or of personal use.

OK, I admit that Time and Cosmos are part of philosophy, but not all philosophy is the same and a lot of it involves the issues of ‘what is the best way to live’.  I won’t go into it much further; I just wanted to point out that I wrote this booklet assuming that you might be just as interested in philosophy you can put to use for yourself as I was.

Again, this one is not a critical thinking textbook, but there are some tips about logic in this book, which is also what at least 50% of critical thinking is rooted in.

Buy this now.


This is just a quick thanks to everyone who has been reading these lately.  I may well write something more later on today, but wanted to get this message out to you.

How this format is and is not interactive can be strange, but not weirder than radio or public broadcasting.

Locally, the weather has cooled back down.  It is that time of year.


Spiritual Tidbits 3

Welcome to 2019

You may have heard the saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same….It isn’t always true, but sometimes it is.

There really hasn’t always been the Internet but there have always been stages of life.

Stages of life is something that I have always found interesting.  Like nearly everyone, I have tended to have preferences and person issues and development work commensurate with my age group.  I have always made some observations of and had some interest in other age groups.  It’s always different to really be each age group than it is to observe that group as older or younger than oneself.

Within the past 2 years I had a major surge of bothering to read The Bible (Protestant version) and finally made it so that 40 years after having started reading it in the 3rd grade, I have read the entire thing….aside from the 2 or 3 Catholic Bible books that aren’t in the Protestant versions of The Bible.  (reasons unknown by me, but I may redo the research so I can blog about it).

Age groups in The Bible

One of the tidbits I found to be awesome was when I was reading about how God used different age groups to deal with packing up the Temple in the wilderness.  I mean, WOW, maybe even WOWOWOWOWOWOOh hoo wow!

There were other events in at least 2 books of The Bible in which it became really noticeable that for some matters God said: use all the men between and 18 and 60 years old.

Other matters: Don’t let anyone under 30 years old touch that stuff!!!

In some cases: get someone who is at least 50 years old, if you want that dealt with properly.

I was honestly mildly stunned, but after a while sort of pleased.  None of us is useless for our stage in life and when each of us fulfills our divine destiny, there is a schedule to what needs to happen when, some of it is very detailed in terms of time of day and other stuff is really like: wow, don’t do that yet, or please do that.


In reality, it may have taken me so long to read the entire Bible because of laziness or spiritual attacks against me, but it’s also possible that it is actually better to leave most of it until over 30 years old.

Anyway, this time that’s the spiritual tidbit.

Fortunately, my father’s still alive

dark starry sky

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on


That does sound a little strange.  What it really tells you is both that I am thankful for something as ordinary as living parents…but really it also tells you that my parents are both now old enough for such a comment to make sense.


My son introduced me to “ageism” while we were living in Germany.  It led to some good discussions.  Every parent knows that there are very good reasons for limitations and responsibilities for various age groups.  Likewise, every age group has some kind of legitimate need to be appreciated and for there to be some respect for their input.

With young people it’s always hoping and wishing that people will consider hearing their input or even taking seriously something that meant seriously.

With middle aged people, it mainly wishing that the young would still heed sound advice, but sometimes it’s something else, like whether or not the old people are worth listening to or not.

The elderly have the double edged situation of being well honored by many and esteemed for supposed or real wisdom …and having issues about what no longer works because of the recent changes in the world, and discerning between the two.  They often want to be respected, heard and understood by both young and middle aged people.  They have numerous concerns.

My Dad

Like most of you, I have both a Heavenly and an Earthly father.  Sometimes they tell me the same thing or give the same advice.

Today, the 6th of January 2019 is my Earthly father’s 87th birthday.  Now, ageism aside, he’s old enough to be considered elderly.  I think one of the kinds of things that’s happening, is that now that he is this old he realizes that he is no more interested in dying this young as he was at ages 20 and 40 years.

My father tends to be rather futuristic and forward thinking; this has often been a very pleasurable quality, especially for the young.

The dark image

The real reason for the dark image is because this year, this day occurs on the new moon.  In practical terms this means it will be the darkest night of the month, and all that that implies.  In contrast, the famous full moons make the brightest nights of the month and again, all that implies.

Just thinking about walking around at night?

Odds of survival for which species?

It may really depend on the amount of light from the Moon.  All moonshine and moonlighting references ….mmm, acknowledged in “age appropriate ways”.

Well, that’s it really

That’s really it: I just wanted to share the joy that today is my father’s birthday and that unlike all the middle aged old people who use Facebook who remember their dead parents on such days, I am grateful that my parents are still alive and fairly healthy in their 80s….At least this year, still.

Spiritual Book Promo with Chat

Without Rival video

Who the heck is that lady?

Lisa Bevere, during her 50s often unapologetically refers to herself as a Sicilian grandmother.  She is a rather famous Protestant Christian preacher.  She’s American.  She is a wife, a mother and a grandmother.  She has also written a number of books, specializing in Christian inspirational nonfiction.

Writers Again

Because of that, she could call herself a writer and an author without lying.  I don’t know whether or not she thinks of herself that way.

Book Promotions

This means that Lisa Bevere is dealing with book promotion, just like all the other authors.  Like all the other authors, she has a unique way of doing it, but despite the uniqueness, a great deal goes on that is just like all the other book marketing that really works.


There is a lot of public speaking involved during which she is the one doing the talking.

There is a significant amount of travel involved with the position.

There was a lot of money poured into the speaking, traveling and other marketing, but that means that all that money now also needs to be brought back in just to break even on the books.  Because she does a lot of preaching, it is theoretically possible that she has saved massive amounts of money on publicity by being allowed to promote her books right along with a series of public speaking engagements (preaching for God in her case) that may be supported financially by the churches who would have had her come and speak had she not written the book….but if they did not let her mention the book, the value of those efforts as book promotion would plummet, but not be totally destroyed.  I do not know if it is that, or if the publishing company just fronted the money for the promotions.


Like all the other writers, I desire certain kinds of support and outcomes.  The kind of publishing company and publishing contract is tied up in professional desires; aspirations as desires.

Recently, right here online, I have discovered another slew of fellow-authors who are also, often, dealing with trying to promote their work, my work, your work despite smaller budgets and publishing contracts that aren’t “the dream book contract”.

The reality of every profession is more complicated than it seems on the surface and from the outside.  Writing and publishing abide by that same principle.

Writer, Reader, check it out:

I invite you to check out works listing with links to buy .

Unlike many authors, the main editor of both my novels and the little nonfiction philosophy booklet was actually me too.   My works are not all the same genre.  They were not all put out by the same publishing company.

None of them had more than $50,000 put in up front by a publishing company and none of the publishers provided me with any marketing budget whatsoever.

There are other authors around.  You know how it is: in a bookstore, library or online writers group it starts to seem like everyone writes books.  The other day I was reminded by another woman, that not everyone does.

Most of the readers don’t also write books, but some do or will someday.