General Info about Writers (approved for children)


The main thing is that writers are literate. No writer ever known in history, so far, was born knowing how to read and write but age 30 it may have become second nature.

Nature or Nurture?

Only some writers were able to see it coming during childhood. Many had no idea at all until after they had graduated from university or high school. For some it happened soon after they finished their education.  In such cases it was caused as a response to a job opening.

Higher education

Lots of career writers actually studied as preparation: journalism, communications, marketing and English are all degrees which lend themselves towards jobs as professional writers.

Other routes

Then there are those who are more like outliers: they submit from someplace rather than writing whatever their boss at the company told them to with colleagues at the office. Some of those people actually work in another part of the writing business. Stories of veteran journalists who hope to write their own book someday are not that unusual. I have read stories of how someone working for a publisher is asked to write a book for the company after working there for 5 years. The author gets to be listed as the author and the publisher pays well and everything. I read about a man who was in an IT department and was commissioned to write an actual book. Wow. Meanwhile, others write for any length of time and then spend huge amounts of energy trying to get their short stories or novels or articles etc. accepted for publication in paying markets.

Qualities or what you might have thought this would be like

In general writers are people. They can be as flaky or as down to Earth and sensible as the rest of the population.

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