About Miriam Pia

Welcome to the About Me page. Nice of you to be interested. Sometimes I’m naturally very friendly but can be shy or easily a little freaked out. For some reason real life can seem a bit surreal to me. I have been that way since I was young girl.

I was born near the end of my parents’ marriage to each other. Although they were married to each other for 16 years I did not arrive until the last 3 years, so mainly I do not know what it is like. I do have some memories of when my parents were married but it was when I was so young I had not yet started school. My Mom almost remarried when I was 7 but due to family politics, I felt I was not allowed to say that I was in favor of it and so lied and told them what I believed my older siblings wanted me to tell them. I do not actually know whether or not that was what my siblings wanted me to do, but that was what I thought. My mother was a wise, well educated, very clean cut, responsible teacher type of lady a bit stressed out from having 3 kids and no husband or serious boyfriend. My father, meantime, was happily remarried to another woman halfway between my age and my parents’ ages. She was nice. We gave my father and his wife some Hell for having left us, but only because he kept in touch and so I saw him one evening a week for ten years, then spent more time with he and his wife until I became a starter adult. He was a professor until I was about 15 and then he retired early. His 2nd wife was this very shy, skinny little thing with very long hair. She was very bright and also kind and like myself was a lefty. She became much more mature and powerful over the years…going from being just 21 to her 30s and even 40s while I grew up.

I’m very American. I have tended to be a progressive liberal type of person by nature and that was reasonably well supported by nurture. I appreciated my education and having clean cut mainly responsible parents. I was a latch key kid.
We did not have much money but were not ever malnourished or starving.

During my childhood especially since we could run around spending loads of cash we got into reading. I read volumes of books. For additional stimulation I was allowed to sometimes try what the older kids were reading. In truth, it was not always easy and I have some memories of using the dictionary to help me deal with reading for leisure some novel of one of the older children’s.

In the 3rd grade the adults told me that I was weirdly intelligent, but not insultingly. So, they let me have some classes that were not like what most of the kids my age were doing because of it. I think that otherwise I would have sometimes known that was what it was, but other times I think I would have just felt that we noticed that I am peculiar and would have just shrugged it off or accepted it that way. Miriam is a little weird, but it’s OK. We like her anyway and she is OK about it. I am a lefty so half the time I would have imagined it was just that. I have spiritual and occult tendencies and tended to be bookish and shy but friendly. I liked swimming and walking but in late adolescence tried martial arts and experienced way more physical pain and had vast improvements in physical strength and flexibility and felt very empowered from that.

I hope this is not already way too much information. When I graduated from high school I moved in with my boyfriend because I was sure we actually loved each other and he was definitely one of my best friends. We were happy that we were not one another’s only friend or even only best friend but I was happy because he was a best friend and not a fling-a-ling boyfriend Lite, so to speak. I had some relational shakedowns and chaos and changes for reasons which are not entirely my own fault. There was a lot that happened that was because of me and my own will but not everything…

In fact, one reason I tried writing a novel was to play goddess – I had total control, which was great, since I had not guilt nor shame about being totally controlling when it was a fiction story. Given reality I carried on dealing with work, love and education to get one of those decent jobs with good pay we all hear about and some of us get to have.

I became a mother at age 27, just as I began graduate school. I did work on my writing back then to, and already had for years, hoping to go pro and maybe even generate a popular science fiction novel series that paid off well for me, but by age 30 only a little bit had happened: a few publications of poems and short stories in small publications and only once did someone even say she would pay me to publish my work. During my 30s a few items appeared in magazines: some fiction and some nonfiction.

Meanwhile, it was like: help the baby learn how to use a spoon and the next year bring him to nursery and the year after that move from England back to my native USA.

All of this going on and I also still hoped to really help a lot of people and some trees and animals and to be myself and have a good and happy adult life…In some ways I am very much just like all the other girls and women but in some respects I am not like anyone else on Earth. In 1986, the others at the high school I was at granted me Most Unique Girl. Maybe they were right to.

A lot of the time I am pretty normal but I am a little weird. Sometimes it is strange in an adorable way and other times it is just …you may find me or my point of view to be odd.

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