Online Marketing 2019

Self promotions

Every one of you is involved with some form of self-promotion or another.  When it happens naturally you leave a conversation feeling that you were charming or charismatic.  If it happens at a dance club, you leave feeling like you had fun and you noticed that multiple people found you attractive.

When it happens on a blog: well, sometimes it means you get a lot of feedback, even likes.

If you sell merchandise, it often means that people buy whatever you are selling…

Except when it doesn’t

And that’s where we meet The_Grinch.   Because of that, if that’s the disappointment that one experiences, then one has to think…Hm, there must be something more to this.

My Reading List

The reality is that for me personally, having to learn all of the other parts of the job of being a professional writer aside from the writing and editing part, has been a challenge over the many years that I have worked at it here and there.  This is also true of the marketing part.

Now and then, I actually bother to read about it.  It is a bit sad, in the sense that I had hoped, like so many others to just trust that if I do what I love, the money will naturally follow.

Except when it doesn’t.

When I first learned that I was supposed to also be a marketing expert because of being an author, I felt as if someone had told a tortoise it was time to learn to drive or become a member of those people in the military who jump from aircraft wearing parachutes.  I mean I felt that much weirder than I would have if I had felt they had asked me to just learn to drive myself, human woman without handicap; I mean I can do that.  I could even learn calculus, but this – strange feeling.  My weird feeling got absolutely no better, when people seemed to be indifferent to, or to find it amusing if I just earned NO MONEY from sales of my novels and that they would enjoy being one of a few people to buy a copy to do me a favor, “Poor thing, isn’t that adorable; she tried to do that to earn money.  Needs a job, then, eh? Heh, heh.”

Gorilla Marketing

That’s a phrase I thought of.  I have poked around and tried to check out what happens in the lives of people who really sell loads of copies of their books.

Most of them spend vast quantities of time promoting their work online, offline or both.


I watched some stuff.  I’ve tried to learn the difference between regular marketing, guerilla marketing, and gorilla marketing.  Regular marketing involves spending a lot of both time and money getting people to notice your product or service, even my novels and booklet and the one item: a bundle of short fiction stories only available to Kindle owners.  Guerilla marketing is the same effort, done on a shoe string budget or just assuming that neither you, your parents or your husband/wife have the odd $300K to give you to put into your first round of advertising, let alone the minimal $24K/year that a small time person might do.

If you’re ready to upchuck just from the amounts of money mentioned there, when you think about how to earn money selling, then you pretty much understand what happened to me.

Gorilla marketing is also 100% legit but more closely resembles what has happened when Tai Lopez spent $10 to $100 Million to advertise on YouTube or something “regular” like how everyone and their siblings has seen a photograph of Michelle Obama and her new book during this past year.  Being small time, I get confused about whether hers is just regular marketing or gorilla marketing.

Another example of gorilla marketing that we see every day, is when one goes into a chain store and finds that several brand-items have been replaced by This Store Brand Product X,Y&Z now.  I guess so, then.  Jees.

Due to all that

I hope that you real people out there can accept or even forgive me, if you feel its warranted, for feeling like I have to learn something about sales and marketing to get people to pay me for my books…..even though I would prefer to just not even worry about the money knowing that it will show up because I am trying to share some of my best with the world.

Making me financially dependent upon relatives, government agencies in my own view doesn’t count as “the money will follow”.


No offense, but I do take offense if its other people who just have similar problems and want me to to.

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