Blogospheric Interactions 2


Rejoice, Review

This morning, to my great joy, I was able to perform a formatting act which I failed at doing the previous time I tried to the exact same thing.

Some of you may have noticed that I at times write posts based on someone else’s post that I read.  This allows me to go on way longer than I might in a reasonable comment, and to show you all how much I like to interact and that I have read and felt inspired by someone else’s post.

For the sake of sharing information, here are the blogs that normally show up first and foremost at my Reader Side if I don’t do anything to change anything.  MakeItUltra, Christian Mihai, Isha Garga (?correct spelling?), and SciFi Buddha are the ones I tend to see first.  I have seen Dellani Oates who is also a Facebook friend.

Well Known Nonsequiter

One of the two pet cats is showing some interest in my presence and the wires of the headphones dangling from the laptop.  Despite having had no innate interest whatsoever, the fact that I am interacting with the device and being here is enough for her to request some attention.

Much like with children or wives, or perhaps elderly parents, I do not believe there is anything wrong with the cat wanting some attention.  I think that is a legitimate need.  However, as nearly every one of you knows, it is somehow both annoying and endearing when pets get in the way or distract from some kind of purposive activity in their effort to get some needed attention.

Perhaps more relevant to you

At this point, I would like to encourage you to do the same.  Obviously, I will take it as a compliment if you blog about my blog post, but I think that writing responsive blogs to those of someone else, whenever you feel you have more than 200 words to say on what you’ve read, is a good idea.  It will show us all the more, how interactive this format can be.

In truth, all the news is interactive on some levels, but this is more evident on some occasions but not on others.

Today’s Intention

This blog post should be viewed by the readers as an experiment in connection with you all.  It makes a big difference whether or not any of you see this, read it and provide feedback that I will be able to notice at my end within the upcoming week.

If so, I hope you feel that I’ve reached out, so to speak, without embarrassing myself in any way.


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