Cultural Difference & Adjustment 2

Check that out to see a German and an American Southerner discuss some of the issues.  I watched their videos in Germany.  Now, all of you have been following along, realize I am dealing with being back in the USA, up in Northeast.

This is simply a follow up on the previous post.

So far, I am still finding that some aspects of being back in the USA are already pleasantly easier and ‘better’ by my subjective standards.  Other traits of the circumstances are already worse than Bremen and Landkreis Verden in Germany.  When I ran into a similar set of these same issues in 2013 I nearly stayed in the USA – over in Indianapolis, but chose to go back to Germany.  That was even though I voted for Obama, by the way and was sorry to be out of the country during  a time of having a President I actually wanted serving in office.

It is a few weeks later and instead of that observation having gone away, it hasn’t.

I won’t go into it further, but I will say that from the video shown above, I reluctantly admitted to understanding ‘states rights’.  Here is how I noticed that I am.  Maybe you are the same but maybe you aren’t.  When I hate a state’s laws, politically (by hate I just mean 100% disagree and emotional about that) I think it is good when the Feds force a State to change their policies but if I felt the State was right, I would feel the Feds were being evil if they forced unwanted legislation onto my State of residence.

If my capitalization is wrong, that is not okay with me but in this post might make excuses that I got too used to German.  As I write in English as a pro such errors are much worse than they are for brick layers who are not interested in professional writing.






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