Cultural Difference & Adjustment 2

Check that out to see a German and an American Southerner discuss some of the issues.  I watched their videos in Germany.  Now, all of you have been following along, realize I am dealing with being back in the USA, up in Northeast.

This is simply a follow up on the previous post.

So far, I am still finding that some aspects of being back in the USA are already pleasantly easier and ‘better’ by my subjective standards.  Other traits of the circumstances are already worse than Bremen and Landkreis Verden in Germany.  When I ran into a similar set of these same issues in 2013 I nearly stayed in the USA – over in Indianapolis, but chose to go back to Germany.  That was even though I voted for Obama, by the way and was sorry to be out of the country during  a time of having a President I actually wanted serving in office.

It is a few weeks later and instead of that observation having gone away, it hasn’t.

I won’t go into it further, but I will say that from the video shown above, I reluctantly admitted to understanding ‘states rights’.  Here is how I noticed that I am.  Maybe you are the same but maybe you aren’t.  When I hate a state’s laws, politically (by hate I just mean 100% disagree and emotional about that) I think it is good when the Feds force a State to change their policies but if I felt the State was right, I would feel the Feds were being evil if they forced unwanted legislation onto my State of residence.

If my capitalization is wrong, that is not okay with me but in this post might make excuses that I got too used to German.  As I write in English as a pro such errors are much worse than they are for brick layers who are not interested in professional writing.







Chaos Paragraph

In the beginning I would have assumed that I would not write ‘stream of consciousness’ blog posts.  It is also true, that after trying 4 or 5 different blogs and 2+ years of this blog something weird happened.  What happened was that I was just starting to devise a more highly structured and more professionally appearing blog.  Then ‘whammo’: my blogging ran aground.  In truth, I found it quite bizarre for something like that to occur just as I was finally starting to function at a higher level.

Now, this is the lower level of operations here at the blog.

This first paragraph is labelled ‘chaos’ because I didn’t even select a topic before I started.


A Different Country

Today is another day when I am noticing how some of my attitudes have genuinely changed from spending time in Europe.  The last time I was in Europe, I was able to spend a few days in England.  Less than an hour prior to posting this, I watched and listened to an English woman describing how she landed a literary agent.

In 1994, while studying as an overseas student I read a little of Ayn Rand’s essays on a referral from Neil Peart of the Canadian band Rush.   She nearly ranted about Socialism in Great Britain.  In 2016, at a hostel in Greenwich I had a friendly chat with an Englishman who, even though he works in banking, told me he is a Socialist.

Conclusion:  It is true that in Western Europe ‘Socialism’ is not even a dirty word.

Attitude / Cultural Identity Confusion:  I am in favor of everyone having medical care and insurance regardless of their employment status, gender or income level.  I believe that in rich countries, poverty should not exist and no one should go hungry regardless of their employment status.  I like being American but evidently this emphasizes to me that the feeling that I am politically “a pinko” is actually the truth.  In Europe this is even more commonplace.  It makes me feel awkward being back in my own country in that, I love being American but am busy worrying because my dental work was taken care of thanks to a German who doesn’t even speak English and despite my unemployment.  The moment I returned I learned of a loved one suffering here in our beloved America from going without proper dental care.  I cringed and worried that I never should have left Europe or should do everything I can to get back there asafp.

Culture Issue:  In truth, when I talked to myself about returning to the USA from Europe I had the intention of never leaving to reside in Europe long term again.  I also never intended to make myself just poor without protection in my native country.


Trade offs?!

In truth, my experience being back in my own nation is now only a few weeks old.  I believe this is week 6, after a 3 year absence during a 6 year long stint of living in Germany.   I am finding it already both better and worse to be back in the USA.

Saying the Unspeakable

In reality, I am writing it, but in the manner of the spoken word.  Due to my time in Germany I did have some re-education but not ‘at a brainwashing camp’.   I can tell you that my view about the evil of anti-Semitism has not changed.   I can also tell you, that I have learned something incredibly difficult to understand in the German or Russian languages.  Despite how much I agree that the NaZi’s anti-Semitism, and lies were the gravest of evils, I actually think there is nothing evil nor crazy about 2 of their political goals:  1) making German Socialism, German rather than Germany being a puppet of Russia’s.  (England made the same kind of decision about national sovereignty and forming a kind of socialism)  2) Making sure no one starves to death or goes without medical care – at least amongst the citizens of the nation (although I would have strongly disagreed if they excluded 50% of the Germans – the women of Germany from their definition of citizens).

I don’t know any better way of communicating this with you blog readers.