What Really Happened?

A couple of months ago now, I changed my domain name.  I tried both renewing the domain name that I had – twice, to no avail.  I also got a new domain name and attempted to route the blog to the new domain.  Neither worked, which baffles me.

A Powerful Commentary on Air Pollution in Chinese Cities


Mulan in the Smog

Inspired by this story from Newsweek, I decided to post the image of Disney’s Mulan in smoggy, hazy Tiananmen Square on the blog today.

If you’re interested in learning about the scientific details of the air quality in Beijing, you can check out this Real Time Air Quality Index.

Given the very real impact that air pollution has on human health and the environment, this is pretty frightening stuff. There is, however, reason to be optimistic about China’s prospects; China is investing in renewable energy, and in November of 2014, President Xi Jinping and President Obama signed an agreement to curb carbon emissions. It seems that China is becoming aware that high emissions and poor air quality could end up costing a great deal of money, which is a brilliant incentive for creating effective policy change.

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Chaos Post – poetic prose

This post may contain nonsequiters and other signs of being a stream of consciousness relationship with context than a carefully structured advertisement for an attractive new urban crime novel.

The novel shown on the left can be purchased directly using http://sbpra.com/miriampia/  .  Not only did I write it and edit it at least 7 times, but it is finally for sale in a respectable form.  I have touched it and can confirm that if you buy it I know what you will be getting.   I am actually quite proud of it, as it is my first published novel.  I wrote it after working as a professional writer for a while, mostly as a ghostwriter working from home while living in the same big city that the novel is set in:  Indianapolis.

Everyone who lives or has visited Indianapolis that not everyone there has the same color skin.  This doesn’t need to be a problem but some – and luckily only some, of the people who live there make a drama of a small matter like that.  There are characters of more than one so-called “race” in the story.  Which ones shows what it was really like there when the story was written and is not intended to insult those not represented in the story.  Unlike too many stories prior to 1970, there are both good guys and bad guys of more than one color rather than color coding the good guys and bad guys.

Meanwhile, I have tried multiple times to get the blog out without the “shame” of showing that there is a domain name problem.  What really happened is that I renewed but the system acted as if I had not.  Then, what happened was that I got a new domain name and have asked that my blog be changed over to the new domain.  I have requested this assistance at least 3 times but it did not come through for me.  I am hoping that now it finally will.

Another Shameless Plug – Welcome To My Nightmare X

I am glad to be aware that you do that. I hope it goes well. I am not around there so I can’t.

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Onto another plug. I’ll be showing my artwork and selling my comics at the annual Welcome To My Nightmare show. Welcome To My Nightmare X to be exact. This is also your chance of getting my latest mini-issues, which debuted at the Big Apple Comic Con.

Welcome To My Nightmare X flyer. I will be showing and selling my work, along with other artist and bands. Welcome To My Nightmare X flyer. I will be showing and selling my work, along with other artist and bands.

It will also be like the third or fourth time I’ll be showing my work in Astoria, Queens. The part of Queens where I grew up in. Ironically, the part of Queens I couldn’t wait to move out of when I was younger. From an early age I was the class misfit, first trying to dress like Boy George. Luckily when it came time for my Siouxsie phase, I was attending High School of Art & Design. Now Astoria is one of these uber-gentrified…

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