General Comments February 2015

A few years ago now I kept up this blog for a couple of years in a row.  For some reason, right around the time that I began to deal with using more structure in the blog – setting up a schedule for posting on which topics on which days, the more general picture of the endeavor collapsed.  So, I dropped the whole thing which caused quite a gap and am now finally back to it.

This time, I hope to link this blog with a website without reducing every day to double posts of the same thing.  I have no idea whether or not it will work.

I have mixed feelings about online activity.  I now have over a decade of experience with it.  I often still feel like a newbie who is trying to figure out how it works.  Some things have changed.  For instance, a website I started using in 2003 has grown to an extreme degree.  Two years ago, the set up within the site changed dramatically, and more recently for the first time it became required for people to use credit cards rather than debit cards or PayPal or checks in order to access the services of the site.  Meanwhile, there are other sites that I have used that were bought out.  I don’t always understand what happened.  Bing pushed out something else but I don’t know what a few years ago.

Zuckerman of Facebook fame tried to give over  $100 million to poor people who really needed it, but the monies were taken by middle class middle men and women and hence, was ineffectual.  Now he has to give again and has to learn how to give in a way that the generosity will reach the intended recipient.  I found out online.

The sites that I used most in 2014 I never used in 2004.  Prior to 2003 I was almost never online.  My favorite uses of the Internet have been managing to get paying work in my field (this has been both a failure and a success due to perceptions and realities), and doing research from home more easily but of as high quality as if I lived in a giant academic library.  Accessible, high quality information.  The rest is for casual communication and music and videos.  I do use forums to pursue interest groups but I am not sure how to categorize that at the moment.

Unlike some people, I have not yet ever landed a great job thanks to using “head hunters” or LinkedIn, nor writer’s groups and all of that.  It makes me wonder about how much it is the $ I spent at those places or details of how little I have learned about uploading photographs for online job applications.  I have tried though.  Meanwhile, it seems some people get rich using the Internet with it seeming as if all they had to do was breathe and use their hubby’s credit card and now they are rich work at home mothers.  Even some guy who presents himself as just some English stoner has been earning really well.  I even know of two strong earning Nigerian teenagers who made money playing around at home with their parents PCs.  Industrious creatures indeed but thousands of others try and fail at the same time.  So, I feel I can’t tell what exactly is really going on here.

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