Early Blogging

The Sun has passed it’s xenith and is waning again. Dawn arrived right around 4am. I know because for some reason I was already awake.

In yesterday’s blog I forgot to include the month of November in the USA as a highlight of the year, which it was, along with everything that I did share with you.

Perhaps someday the social conventions will change and people will write “I wrote you the other day” instead of writing “I told you the other day via text or Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr etc.” meaning it was in writing.

I have started a very small and totally informal but real volunteer project locally in an effort to do something for local Germans. It does not include me socially very much, but I have had 2 chats and 15 hellos as a direct consequence so far.

I did get out today, related to a work opp which I hope is for real, which sounds crazy but since coming to Germany I have received false offers of work multiple times – including from American companies who can hire me long distance but told me they hired me but then would not go through with the finalizations so that I could actually do the job. Yes, there is weird energy about this.

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