Themed Blogging?

Those of you most with me, in terms of following the blog have noticed that it has become inconsistent lately. There is a bit of a structural problem in that just a couple of months after I began getting it together for themed daily posting, to be a little more professional, I suddenly became less consistent. I don’t understand it either, but given what I have observed elsewhere, it may well be, my learning process.

Today has been a pretty good day for me. There is some hope of improvement in a couple of areas of my life, or relief from intensified difficulties that occurred starting in 2012. 2012 and 2013 were not total “wash outs” but instead of things continuing to improve after 2011 in many ways it really got worse. The high lights of 2012 from the perspective of 2014: A nonfiction booklet got published, I had time with my son in person on a daily and weekly basis; much of the time I had health insurance; my health was good most of the year; my German improved; I met a few people by teaching a little English.

The highlights of 2013 from halfway through 2014: I still got to have time with my son regularly; I finally re-wrote the first novel I ever wrote; I finally got my Germany based Intl. driving license; I was able to get enough help to not be forced out of the country for the 3rd year in a row; I found another alternative means of getting the novel that Alethia gave me a contract to publish but never released published after more editing and a new cover design, and a title change. My health was good.

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