Another Thor’s Day – no “donner wetter” at the local level

Those living in the Western world or using the same calendar and so on, know today as Thursday. Some are aware that the days of the week, like many of the planets, in Eurocentric culture have been named after old gods.

Well, like most of you, I have also noticed that the subjective quality of life can change a lot. Various external and internal factors have been found to be influential so far. To those older than myself I am younger and to the many younger I am older. Everyone who has already been middle aged, has been through this part already, but they went through it with a different “Zeitgeist”.

As an aside, Zeitgeist is one of the few German words I learned outside of Germany in a special context. Like so many German words, when translated it becomes and entire phrase. Zeitgeist is simply the spirit of the times. The energy is pervasive, affects people individually and is somehow undeniable and ephemeral at the same time. Unlike many other German words, Zeitgeist is not a very long word.

Well, the times have changed and attitudes about the old gods are quite diverse. My personal opinion is that Thor is one of the most successful old gods, because he has had the comic book for decades and now, in the 21st century, the movies have spread a bastardized version of some of the stories. The basic nature of the main deities in the films was presented relatively accurately.

The simple version is that Thor is the big powerful good white guy. He is honest and really warm hearted with plenty of compassion and strong enough to “make NO mean something when confronted by the bad guys”. We had no thunder where I am today.

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