Self, Yard and Community

LOL, but this is one of those posts that I consider middle aged in theme but a little kid could also see what I am getting at but from a different perspective. This is about how by taking care of our own stuff we can help our communities. One big way this occurs is in lawns. Neighborhoods that have attractive and well tended lawns and homes look better than abused and neglected places. Well behaved, and well protected residents can make just as much of a difference, but not quite the same kind. As most of us have some spiritual and religious social training, here we see that with lawn care sometimes we can deal with relative self-centredness in a way that at least somehow still benefits the rest of the neighborhood. It is great when people can also do more, but it can quite a relief that there are times when that is enough.

There are birds of various sizes locally. Unlike Indianapolis, which I feel is famous for the large Turkey Vultures, the most common relatively giant birds where I live now are the supported storks. Also in Indianapolis I saw more live versions of Woody the woodpecker around the town than I had other places I had lived. Yes, I am Gen X and have a Warner Brothers Cartoon “brain wash” like the rest of my generation in much of the Western world. That is less common here. Here, the stork came off the pages of story books, and the silly lie that babies are delivered by stork. That story always seemed far fetched to me, even more so because there were babies but no storks where I was growing up – so, obviously not. Around here, I naturally noticed, that although the story still isn’t true, it seems less far fetched given that there are storks in the area and they are quite large birds.

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