We’re here and that’s all

Most of us have various types of days. Some get lucky and see the divine in everyone around them. For most this happens while sober and here or there is someone who goes on about their amazing acid trip with spiritual awakening. For most of us, every day is not like that.

Each of us has some other kinds of particularly good days.

Like it or not, most of us also have bad days and hard days.

Then, in between, we have times which are just sort of blah. During blah days feelings of emptiness or aloneness or meaninglessness may become stronger, or may just show up out of seemingly nowhere. In reality, in the absence of extreme forms of pain, this can be one of the more challenging qualities of experience that people have. This has sometimes been called ennui. What causes it? Sometimes it is simply space and time that we think should be filled with activity.

What makes this state so challenging is that many people who make the complaint may be told to find religion but religious, and spiritual practitioners often suffer from this condition and so, finding God when you are already buddies, does not seem to correctly show the relationship of the true cause and the problem.

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