Why Do We Care About Facebook Quiz Results? 2014

Like 20% of the world’s population, I have spent some time on Facebook. Invented in 2004 I never found it or used it until 2010. I relocated from Indianapolis to a village in Germany and ended up using it a lot.

Like for so many, sometimes it was merely a distraction. In my own case, I had done some professional work using online systems to connect in 2003. Sadly, I was not like all the people who landed incredible jobs by having their heads hunted (recruited) by online organizations. I was one of the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who decided to try getting some freelance work in a profession I wanted more experience in, that I had not seen advertised in the papers.

At this point, I would rate that as having been both a failure and a success. Anyway, in my own case that first happened in 2003. “Before Facebook” in other words.

I realize that I am one of the hordes of people to have taken many analytical tests. What is weird, that I also noticed, is that I seem to take the results of FB quizzes invented as jokes by anonymous people as being as valid as I take the results of tests created by PhDs who came up with them after decades of careful research. Are any of you like that as well, or is it “just me”?

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