Themed Blogging? 2014

Hi everyone! Slowly, sometimes mind numbingly slowly, I have read here and there about improving stuff like the blogs and the websites. I would also like to become more adept at YouTube videos. So far I have made a few that are alright for what they are. The weirdest thing about those, for me, is how much less spontaneous they have been for me than they seem like when I watch other peoples’ well made videos.

Blogs. Well, much like with Facebook – I hear some people are getting rich from blogging. Some get heard but get no money and a lot of people end up feeling way too much as if they had cried out but no one heard them.

In reality, I felt professionally required to blog. In truth, I did not blog just to develop relationships until years after I was paid to write short real estate articles about Georgia (the US state, not the East European formerly Soviet nation). After that happened, as the months and years ticked by I began to somehow just absorb from other people in cafes that I frequented in Indianapolis (mostly the North side) that “one is supposed to blog”.

A bit later I dared to try my hand at generating a website. Despite how much more “user friendly” people had made it, I still felt repeatedly like I was trying to do something that does not come easily. Despite the obstacles, there have been times when there were 3 blogs by me going – here, over at Uranian Fiction, and at Angie’s Diary.

Now, really there are 2 Uranian Fiction websites. One is more informal than the other. Both have sales points and at least one accepts donations. They show what I have been able to do and perhaps also show too well what I am not an expert at.

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