Meanings of Life and The Weather

Most of us have days when we feel great and life is joyful and full of meaning. Many of us also have off or down days. Such times can be fleeting or can drag on for quite a long time, months or even years.

Within the past ten days the local weather changed and so did my health. Luckily, my health has been good in general. The weather went from conditions which closely resemble the early Spring in Indianapolis except that there is loads of daylight. To be more clear, I mean that dusk is now at 10pm or so, up here in Germany, East of the British Isles. At 6am it is already light.

My first experience with this kind of thing happened in England when the Summer arrived and I was confused because when I stayed up late then went to bed at half past 3 am, it was dawn. Being from the USA I thought I was just losing my mind the first several times that it happened. It turned out that I was not mentally ill by perceiving that, but that that was really happening. It is getting like that over in Germany as well as Britain in real life, only this time, I know it really happening and that I am not just hallucinating from having come down with a form of insanity that I had not expected. It did still did have something to do with needing to make a psychological adjustment.

Sometimes life is like this.

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