Early Blogging

The Sun has passed it’s xenith and is waning again. Dawn arrived right around 4am. I know because for some reason I was already awake.

In yesterday’s blog I forgot to include the month of November in the USA as a highlight of the year, which it was, along with everything that I did share with you.

Perhaps someday the social conventions will change and people will write “I wrote you the other day” instead of writing “I told you the other day via text or Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr etc.” meaning it was in writing.

I have started a very small and totally informal but real volunteer project locally in an effort to do something for local Germans. It does not include me socially very much, but I have had 2 chats and 15 hellos as a direct consequence so far.

I did get out today, related to a work opp which I hope is for real, which sounds crazy but since coming to Germany I have received false offers of work multiple times – including from American companies who can hire me long distance but told me they hired me but then would not go through with the finalizations so that I could actually do the job. Yes, there is weird energy about this.

Themed Blogging?

Those of you most with me, in terms of following the blog have noticed that it has become inconsistent lately. There is a bit of a structural problem in that just a couple of months after I began getting it together for themed daily posting, to be a little more professional, I suddenly became less consistent. I don’t understand it either, but given what I have observed elsewhere, it may well be, my learning process.

Today has been a pretty good day for me. There is some hope of improvement in a couple of areas of my life, or relief from intensified difficulties that occurred starting in 2012. 2012 and 2013 were not total “wash outs” but instead of things continuing to improve after 2011 in many ways it really got worse. The high lights of 2012 from the perspective of 2014: A nonfiction booklet got published, I had time with my son in person on a daily and weekly basis; much of the time I had health insurance; my health was good most of the year; my German improved; I met a few people by teaching a little English.

The highlights of 2013 from halfway through 2014: I still got to have time with my son regularly; I finally re-wrote the first novel I ever wrote; I finally got my Germany based Intl. driving license; I was able to get enough help to not be forced out of the country for the 3rd year in a row; I found another alternative means of getting the novel that Alethia gave me a contract to publish but never released published after more editing and a new cover design, and a title change. My health was good.

Reminders and Rehashed Ideas

This is not simply another case of propaganda. People should also be aware that some people are allergic to marijuana, and that others suffer from paranoic feelings -certainly worsened wherever it is illegal.

Legalization with hopefully a 21 year old age of ‘legal recreational consumption’ would hopefully help protect consumers through the use of the same kinds of safety regulation standards found with other products.

Many home growers legitimately complain of having the government interfering and I don’t blame them if they want to just grow a few plants out back in the garden, but for industrial mass production, given the truth of the story at the top – the safety of regulating standards is highly appealing.

Another Thor’s Day – no “donner wetter” at the local level

Those living in the Western world or using the same calendar and so on, know today as Thursday. Some are aware that the days of the week, like many of the planets, in Eurocentric culture have been named after old gods.

Well, like most of you, I have also noticed that the subjective quality of life can change a lot. Various external and internal factors have been found to be influential so far. To those older than myself I am younger and to the many younger I am older. Everyone who has already been middle aged, has been through this part already, but they went through it with a different “Zeitgeist”.

As an aside, Zeitgeist is one of the few German words I learned outside of Germany in a special context. Like so many German words, when translated it becomes and entire phrase. Zeitgeist is simply the spirit of the times. The energy is pervasive, affects people individually and is somehow undeniable and ephemeral at the same time. Unlike many other German words, Zeitgeist is not a very long word.

Well, the times have changed and attitudes about the old gods are quite diverse. My personal opinion is that Thor is one of the most successful old gods, because he has had the comic book for decades and now, in the 21st century, the movies have spread a bastardized version of some of the stories. The basic nature of the main deities in the films was presented relatively accurately.

The simple version is that Thor is the big powerful good white guy. He is honest and really warm hearted with plenty of compassion and strong enough to “make NO mean something when confronted by the bad guys”. We had no thunder where I am today.

Self, Yard and Community

LOL, but this is one of those posts that I consider middle aged in theme but a little kid could also see what I am getting at but from a different perspective. This is about how by taking care of our own stuff we can help our communities. One big way this occurs is in lawns. Neighborhoods that have attractive and well tended lawns and homes look better than abused and neglected places. Well behaved, and well protected residents can make just as much of a difference, but not quite the same kind. As most of us have some spiritual and religious social training, here we see that with lawn care sometimes we can deal with relative self-centredness in a way that at least somehow still benefits the rest of the neighborhood. It is great when people can also do more, but it can quite a relief that there are times when that is enough.

There are birds of various sizes locally. Unlike Indianapolis, which I feel is famous for the large Turkey Vultures, the most common relatively giant birds where I live now are the supported storks. Also in Indianapolis I saw more live versions of Woody the woodpecker around the town than I had other places I had lived. Yes, I am Gen X and have a Warner Brothers Cartoon “brain wash” like the rest of my generation in much of the Western world. That is less common here. Here, the stork came off the pages of story books, and the silly lie that babies are delivered by stork. That story always seemed far fetched to me, even more so because there were babies but no storks where I was growing up – so, obviously not. Around here, I naturally noticed, that although the story still isn’t true, it seems less far fetched given that there are storks in the area and they are quite large birds.


Earlier today online I saw a brief advert by a couple of strange men about the power of music. Well, the power of music has been well known for thousands of years. How it’s power has been described and used has varied, of course, but pretty much everyone loves music of some kind. Most people like more than one type of music but many feel forced, if only by subcultural roles, towards selecting one main musical genre.

Just like personal voices I believe people have individual, personal types of music. In reality, I have found that a lot of mine is not much like most of the kinds that I listen to. Most of music that comes up when I am just singing and being ‘freely me’ is actually quite light. Most of it is upbeat and rated G for General Audiences. Not all of it, but most of it.

Maybe not many people would find that at all strange, but those who have known me as one of their hardest rockers, it can seem bizarre. Has a mistake been made? Is this not really who we’re dealing with? Or is it? Birds still chirp their songs, even though we have traffic noise, so I suppose so. If that makes any sense to you.

I just added the song to make it more fun. I like it. For my age group it is an oldie but goodie.