Cross – Cultural Wednesday 2014

There are a variety of factors which define a culture or a subculture. Most people thin of a few major characteristics of lifestyles that are considered to be cultural. Religion, wealth, married or single are examples.

Urban, suburban or living in the countryside are also factors. For those dealing with a more rural environment, being able to access a village or trading post can become equally or more dramatic as getting to go to the big city, or downtown in a city.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while is aware that I moved from a big but not gigantic city in the USA to a village in Northern Germany a few years ago. One of the changes at this point is that I am now aware of having learned to identify the sound of pigeons by the species specific way their wings sound against the air when they fly. This is nothing like recognizing them walking around on the floor of an urban location.

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