Early Blogging – Writer’s Advice? May 2014

Do I have any new writer’s advice? I have read other peoples’ writer’s advice. I feel like if I were either richer and more famous from writing professionally than I have become or if I had spent more time teaching writing professionally – I have professionally taught a little creative writing in the form of workshops, but not like a full blown career….I feel like under those conditions I would believe in my own advice a little more.

There continue to be realms in creative writing. Literature continues to serve a bit of a different market from the newspapers and the pop culture books. There is room for a lot of different types of writing in the world, even amongst professionals, but every type has particular needs.

Many writers can do more than one type of writing adeptly, but a large number find one or two areas of specialty. For professionals, it can be harder because the demands of full time work often make it so that people narrow what they might be able to do in order to be able to produce more of the one kind of writing they do for their profession.

A lot of writers have to try several different types of writing to find what they are best at. One famous example of this is Neil Peart, best known for his work with the Canadian rock band Rush. It turns out he is a good travel writer, but he had to try a lot of different types of writing just to find that out.

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