Moody Blogging 2014

Today’s local weather is fabulous. I have not gone far afield.

Birds are chirping and we are just one week before Spargel Fest 2014! To many of you this makes no sense. To others, it may seem mysterious. I didn’t know what was going on for a while. This year, my awareness of Spargel Fest totally overshadowed my awareness of Mother’s Day. Here is one option for those wondering about Germany from a young but full grown male perspective. His English is excellent and his German is fluent as you would expect from an educated German.

He may have no understanding of Spargel Fest because of how much it is local culture and dependent upon farming.

Here is where the feeling about holidays is pretty different being in Germany. Spargel Fest – a festival celebrating the early crop harvest of giant white asparagus, comes right after Verden’s Domweih. For those who don’t know: (I had no idea!) Domweih is an annual celebration of when a town or village actually managed to get a church built and a Christian (usually Lutheran after 1600) congregation founded in the area. Most of the local Domweihs now are based on work done several hundred years ago, but still providing an excuse to party.

How Christian is the area? Some would scoff and say not very, but I choose to interpret how safe it is around here as being a clear indicator that people understood “love thy neighbor” well enough to refrain from lots of options to steal from one another or break in and attack each other or to just assault people for being out at night, especially if they are female and alone. Around here, it is actually so safe that it is like Christian values are in use throughout the community and are really working to make living around here way nicer than it might be otherwise – which is very much part of the whole idea.

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