A short, simple list of nations I have spent time in 2014

Dear Everyone,

I do not expect to, or wish to travel the entire world, at least not this lifetime. I always did try to be a bit broad minded and worldly in outlook – this was encouraged by my parents. In some cases, this means ‘ethnic food restaurants’ or ‘cultural pride day’ events, right there in the home town. It can mean, having a social relationship with someone from another country. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to leave town or your home place if you like where you live and it is stable and good for you and your family there.

Presently, I am 46 years old. My native nation is the USA. The first foreign country I ever visited was Canada. I went there a number of times, but it was either Montreal, to visit Americans who had moved there, or the one long trip up to the Hudson Bay where there may really be free moose. As an adult I did make a short visit to Toronto of a couple of days, and crossed the border at least one other time.

When I had just turned 26 I went to England as a university exchange student. I went again as a BUNACER and then spent time there as a graduate student, and that mushroomed into new mother and remarried into a cross-national marriage: me being the American and the husband being one of the Germans.

After another good stint of a decade in my home nation but a different city from the one I come from – that was somewhat by accident as I like central NY and had intended to go back to living near my parents with foreign partner and baby in tow. …Anyways, after a lot of that, I ended up heading to Germany, no longer married or together but still team parenting with the German – who chose to become American in 2010 just months before returning to his home nation for the first time in 20 years and bringing his spouse, the ex wife, and all 3 of his children: his eldest is from me, the other 2 are from a woman who came after me.

I did spend a week in Holland once, and one week in Scotland. I did make it to a few other places with that Beatles song Day Tripper mentality and level of experience.

It has effected me, but I don’t feel it has made my life so great or anything like that, the way young people may hope or expect.

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