Another Cross-Cultural Wednesday

Many nations are built with some kind of ethnic diversity but not necessarily the same kind. Even within my home nation I have lived in locations where the ethnic diversity varied. Here I am going to risk a small comment about the USA’s largest minority: very American “blacks” or African-Americans. Most of these people are not recent imports and they ancestors as far back or further than many of the white people, and many of the other main minority groups of the nation. The big difference is that due to how their first ancestors showed up, fewer of them are clear about where their first American ancestors had come from. This is not always bad and is not necessarily any problem but if they run into other people who speak with clarity about it, it could become as uncomfortable as it is for housewives and married women who had intended to have careers to be asked what they do. Maybe they don’t want to say they are housewives and maybe they don’t have a clear profession. Maybe they are not sure were there ancestors came from except that if it was not the West Indies or the Caribbean, or a Northern migration from South and Central America or Mexico at some point the starting point was someplace on the gigantic Continent of Africa. That is vague, but true. It may well be an oversimplification. I will make the observation – as a Yankee, that most of the Americans I have seen who have dark skin look more like Nigerians than like either Northwestern or Northeastern Africans that I have also observed in real life. That is still pretty vague, but from what I have seen, that is true.

Here in Germany, most of the “blacks” are not my fellow Americans, neither are most of the “whites”. Still, believe it or not, that also took some getting used to as in Indianapolis nearly 1 in 4 people have brown skin. In this part of Germany it is closer to 1 in 500 and only 1 in 50 of that 1 in 500 are also Americans. The others come from someplace in Africa or the Caribbean. Over in England, most “black” people are from the Caribbean, not from Africa, although here and there someone comes from Africa or the USA or Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc..

Anyway, that is how different that is.

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