Chaos Sunday Post

Now it is May. Who and how we connect with people may vary. It isn’t even always people but sometimes it is.

Now, today, I have printed out what would be between 85 and 115 pages of a single spaced novel but it is double spaced and so it is 178 pages long. It is part of a rough draft for a sequel science fiction novel. It is pretty tough going because it is hard core militaristic stories and there are some characters whose lives are so hard that it pains me to even write about them even though it is my own fault as the author because I made them that way so that they would be able to serve perfectly as symbols. I won’t go into any more details about that, but just that I printed some out so I can edit it the old fashioned way.

Here in Germany I have a little something, which could be viewed as nothing or as being a good indicator of some kind of awesome witch craft type of thing going on – but this depends a lot on your world view. It is a real besom – an old fashioned outdoor broom, and I have attached real talons from a bird of prey that I found so soon after it died that insects had not even attacked it, but the body was already stiff enough to be sure it was deceased. I hope it was not just paralyzed. Anyway, I cut them off the hawk or falcon myself and strapped them onto the besom. This may mean nothing or a little something or a great deal, but all the birds out there in the lawn and so on, can see the big claws are on there.

I doubt that makes sense in a linear manner, but that is OK because this is a Sunday Chaos blog post.

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