Early Blogging

Welcome to May. This has happened so quickly yet so slowly. Some of you know that especially the social aspect of my lifestyle changed dramatically from the move to Germany back in 2010, and materially I was forced back to needing to get re-licensed and a car again as well.

I am still not truly fluent in German but it is even though I have learned a lot of it. I am around the official international designation for intermediate or advanced intermediate level. This means there is plenty to learn but also that my whole persona has been forced to change in accordance with the reality.

It is still quite common for me to suffer from misunderstandings. I often enjoy getting those cleared up but is a bit weird and often rather comical to see the difference between what I had thought and what is really going on.

In the meantime, I have also found out that there is a lot one can do with an adult mind – when in a somewhat familiar culture, based on general knowledge of what it is about and what is going on. It does not always work, but it works ….possibly better than we realize while in our home culture without a language barrier.

Meanwhile, one of today’s jokes about the Germans – one they already know and joke about amongst themselves is to have mercy on them, after all, they have to do it in German.

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