Cross cultural: Capital Punishment

Many days I do learn at least a little more about Germany. This week I think I have learned more about England as well, funny as that is.

This week I learned about another one of the numerous ways that the Germans have reorganized to protect themselves against the kinds of demons that took control of the country back in the 1930s. Remember that the main victims were all Germans. So, amongst the many changes, they have chosen to abolish capital punishment aka the death penalty. This makes sense in general anyways – but given what happened to them it makes even more sense. When villains took over they abused the H out of the death penalty. Now there is no death penalty for the protection of all Germans, whether Jew or Christian or nonreligious, hetero or homo, male or female.

Over in the USA, the death penalty is a matter of great debate and has been banned in some locations but is legal elsewhere. Just yesterday online I read about recent problems with lethal injection drugs and death row prisoners.

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