Cross – Cultural Wednesday 2014

There are a variety of factors which define a culture or a subculture. Most people thin of a few major characteristics of lifestyles that are considered to be cultural. Religion, wealth, married or single are examples.

Urban, suburban or living in the countryside are also factors. For those dealing with a more rural environment, being able to access a village or trading post can become equally or more dramatic as getting to go to the big city, or downtown in a city.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while is aware that I moved from a big but not gigantic city in the USA to a village in Northern Germany a few years ago. One of the changes at this point is that I am now aware of having learned to identify the sound of pigeons by the species specific way their wings sound against the air when they fly. This is nothing like recognizing them walking around on the floor of an urban location.

Perceptions of Time 2014

Let’s face it: we all know that time can be perceived differently on an individual level. By age 10 each of has noticed that in some situations a minute is nothing but in other circumstances one feels every long bang of the second hand of a clock on the wall ticking and moving it’s long thin hand – on clocks that have a second measure as well as the minute and the hour.

Metabolism, awareness and muscular strength all contribute to whether or not a minute is a long or a short while. Pleasure and pain can all greatly influence the subjective perception of equal time periods.

There is a visual illusion: one dot is surrounded by other dots in a circle. In one case, the central dot is surrounded by ones that are bigger than it is. In a second case, the central dot is surrounded by smaller ones. The one surrounded by larger dots seems smaller than the other, but both are the same size.

It is highly likely that the subjective perception of time is like this: it may be literal in relation to blood vessels or neurons firing from a stimulated nerve.

Time: we all know it. It is no puzzle and yet sometimes mysterious.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Today is here now. It could go well or badly. It may only depend on which direction we face and how hard the wind is blowing.

Today is the day after our entire lives up until we woke up this morning. What if yesterday was really the end. Where does that put us today?

Today is a new beginning. Most of us hope to continue to do well everything still relevant, that we did well before. Many of us would like to improve our lives in one or more ways: whether by getting rid of a bad old habit or by learning to do something good that we could not do before.

Perhaps readers will get a laugh out of this and think it reads like a newspaper horoscope – general enough to apply to everyone.

Random Post 2014

Spontaneity is not always professional
Take this as a personal blog day then

Rain and clouds are one thing
Sunny skies another.

Some live in places
Where in just one day
There can be all kinds of weather
Light snow fall
Bright Sunny skies

Perhaps a bit of rain
Or the rat tat tat of hail

Cross-Cultural Wednesday May 2014

There are diverse cultures in real life and in numerous imaginary realms. Culture can be so clear and obvious or it can be subtle. It can have so many components or only a few.

Sometimes I write about the real world and when I do, I try to develop and share some understanding of at least one culture. The same holds true for fictional cultures.

Like most writers, I enjoy playing goddess. The irony is of course, that when writing one learns even more about how some events lead to others in an inexorable manner. We learn about that in real life as well, through our experience with actions and consequences. Even so, as an authoress I have found that I don’t always see events coming with rough drafts.

That granted, I do enjoy devising cultures. I know that for readers it may seem as bizarre as it is in practice, to have some aspects of a story conform so well to my plans while others grow from the decisions that characters make as the plot moves along.

Early Blogging – Writer’s Advice? May 2014

Do I have any new writer’s advice? I have read other peoples’ writer’s advice. I feel like if I were either richer and more famous from writing professionally than I have become or if I had spent more time teaching writing professionally – I have professionally taught a little creative writing in the form of workshops, but not like a full blown career….I feel like under those conditions I would believe in my own advice a little more.

There continue to be realms in creative writing. Literature continues to serve a bit of a different market from the newspapers and the pop culture books. There is room for a lot of different types of writing in the world, even amongst professionals, but every type has particular needs.

Many writers can do more than one type of writing adeptly, but a large number find one or two areas of specialty. For professionals, it can be harder because the demands of full time work often make it so that people narrow what they might be able to do in order to be able to produce more of the one kind of writing they do for their profession.

A lot of writers have to try several different types of writing to find what they are best at. One famous example of this is Neil Peart, best known for his work with the Canadian rock band Rush. It turns out he is a good travel writer, but he had to try a lot of different types of writing just to find that out.

A Monday 2014

I can think of 2 songs, both of which ‘date me’ not as in romance but as in age. I don’t like Mondays by Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats, and Just another manic Monday by a woman who’s name has slipped my mind when I write the post.

The reason that is particularly bad is that as women we are support one another and part of that is being able to refer to people by their name – at least when it is about something good.

I can mention Alanis Morrisett but I don’t think she is behind just another manic Monday. Nor is Annie Lennox or Another Name Temporarily Blanked Out. It may have been a man’s exgirlfriend or exwife who another woman does not want to hear about from jealousy – Cindy Lawper (Lauper) is who I meant.

As a Monday this one is more like the ones on vacation or when the babies are so young and Mommy is there or the Summer after high school graduation or things like that.