Today : Heute 2014 “Writers Advice”

I have finally managed to learn a few German words relevant to writing professionally. Sometimes, German really is like English although there are words that look the same but have unlike meanings. Recently, online, I have seen these called “false friends” by both Rewboss and the young German of Get Germanized. Unlike myself, both of them are male entities.

Back to the topic of the day: Journalister/in does mean journalist, but Schriftsteller means freelance writer and sounds like children practicing to be ghosts for Halloween in America.

Verlager = publisher. There is no reason one would ever just guess this one correctly – not even for all the money in the world. To help the native speakers of English out there, Verlag sounds like Fur lahg (fur log or fur lag) when said correctly.

Autor and Autorin actually do mean author and authoress. Unlike so many Americans, the English and the Germans are still using more feminine forms of words. As someone strongly in favor of equal rights for women and men – rather than only the rich or only the poor or only one gender etc.. I can’t avoid noticing that when feminists do reviews of ancient language we draw the conclusion that more feminine grammatical forms went with better social conditions for women but for the living generations, the opposite has often been claimed to be the truth. So, there may be a problem with that theory.

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