What is Uranian Fiction? 2014

Most of you, if you are more into certain scenes have heard of branding. Many of you may also have heard stories of bands coming up with their name or writing songs on napkins at diners or some other very humble piece of paper. Well, I felt I needed to come up with something.

Generationally, I was a teen during the Space Age which could also have been called the Pathologically Enormous Amount of Nuclear Bombs as well as nuclear power plants Age, only that sounds so clumsy, they just started calling it MAD “Mutually Assured Destruction”. And so what – the first generation for which humanity had the power to completely annhiliate ourselves all at once. Then, come to find out, it was all a perverse trick, and the real danger came from HAIR SPRAY – hello?! Seriously, this year I did research online and read that as long as we stay on track the ozone hole should heal in 2050: The effing HAIR SPRAY DEATH HOLE!!! WTF!

Thankfully, the Cold War ended over 25 years ago and least some bombs were dismantled in our now post Chernobyl and post- Fukushima world which we all know in a flash of insight Mothra and Godzilla movies had forewarned us about.

Uranian Fiction is not that destructive and I hope it is not evil, but it is meant to be naturally intense and experimental, sometimes avant garde, other times mainstream. The idea is that even when novels, or short fiction etc by me are released through whichever means, that their umbrella brand is Uranian Fiction.

Big cheesy grin to you all, followed by a wink.

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