Professionalism and Being Oneself April 2014

I think maybe I am still a bit idealistic, perhaps many of you are to. I am old enough to know that there are times and ways in which compromise is good and other times when it is a thinly veiled dirty trick. Professionalism can be basic things like attending the office Christmas party but not getting drunk and embarrassing yourself. Other times professionalism means to dress the part or be on one’s best behavior and for women to make sure that not a single hair is out of place and details of this nature. By nature I am not incredibly strict in behavior but I have also perceived enough excellence to feel like expecting perfection is not too much to ask. That can be a source of internal dissonance, in a way similar to ‘cognitive dissonance’ when someone works for a corporation with which he/she/they do not share values – not really, not deeply, only the value involved is about self presentation and interaction. Like so many of you out there I long to be somehow relaxed enough for my individuality to shine through without being so informal, casual or sloppy as to be frowned upon as unprofessional or even scandalous. I take comfort in things like Marilyn Manson cross dressed for David Letterman etc..

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