Random Comments 2014

Professionalism: I like the clean and perfect presentations that some are able to do. I feel like I would need to be ‘air brushed’ to get a perfect presentation, unless I imagine I am. More experienced and better paid authors and writers have repeatedly mentioned to me the need for professionalism.

I don’t think I look the way even I would expect me to look or think I should look like when trying to get certain things across.

At the same time, with novelists, usually people don’t see them so it doesn’t matter.

I never wanted to be anyone else, but have always hoped to do well as myself. That granted, I have enjoyed some acting and have also experienced the kind of improvisational theatre that everyone runs into when in a social situation in which it feels necessary to somehow hide some of oneself for whatever reasons.

The pace of life here is so radically different from the North side of Indianapolis, or Southeastern England, or Central NY….but I have definitely made some adjustments and have learned a lot about Germany from online casual research as well as from going out and about. Where I live it is flat and breezy and brick. Even from the air it has the classical structure of centralised villages surrounded by farmlands which are surrounded by the forest.

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