To Blog or Not to Blog – styrofoam imitations of Shakespeare 2014

At this point in history there is probably a large amount of styrofoam in land fills of the nations that have used that substance for decades. There are also some copies of Shakespeare’s works because more new copies of the same works will be sold instead of re-selling the old used copies in part because they were not treated as though they were precious most of the time, but when they were new and when they got lucky and belonged to someone who liked Shakespeare then they were treated as if they were special.

The number of blog posts that I have produced approaches 600 but has not led to amazing online friendships or the godsend of business contacts of any kind. I had hoped that at the very least those people willing and able to like and actually buy some of my creative literary works, or to provide me more work or to offer me literary agent representation would find me thanks to the daily blogging.

A few people have kept in touch and I did not mean to make those of you who have bothered to read the blog feel de-valued by this.

The simple question is about figuring out how to get the results that I desire – I would strongly prefer to be a good person while I do so because I honestly believe that it is better and happier to be a good person than a bad one.

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