Piggy backing success and nonsequiters of the learning process 2014

The reality is that quite possibly every one of you, my learning is somewhat selective. Perhaps it would be just as air to say that the methods I tend to prefer for learning, vary. Instead of just reading all about writing as a profession I have tended to enjoy just doing it and going for it and then when I can’t ignore the fact that I need to learn something more or new I do. This is despite having been an enthusiastic and diligent student as a child and young woman in general.

Most people also have some built in biases – both good ones and bad ones. Now and then we can all learn to see when that is what is causing the problem and work through it. There is a lot about being a professional writer that I am only willing to learn about interactively – whether in person in the same room at the same time, or online, as well as some through learning about it in advance.

What has happened is that sales – which I was raised to be prejudiced against, has come back in a kind of vicious cycle. When I first wrote a novel I actually believed I was avoiding the sales process only to find out that I was only delaying when I was going to have to sell copies of my published works. On the best of days – best psychological adjustment, it is kind of like when someone enjoys having parents but then finds out about where they came from, but on bad days it is way more like having accidentally caused one of the kinds of activities one was actively avoiding in part because it was viewed as ‘bad’.

I read some industry news and watched some videos. I don’t know whether or not I would have screamed and cried or just chosen a different pass time or if I would have ploughed ahead and done the same thing anyway when I first turned to writing something for publication while a college student at home not spending money I didn’t have….If I had been told that the most probable outcome of writing a high quality novel would be to have to sell it a lot personally.

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