Kaos Blog Day 2014

The ancient art of augury. Reading all the signs and being able to make predictions, even when the information is like the following: the local wind direction and air humidity and animal traffic indicate that to the East, the horses will react badly to human efforts to make them travel in bad weather. Because of that a variety of activities will be postponed and that effects other people and so, because of that some weirdo who’s role is to make predictions that seem to come out of nowhere to other people can tell by which animals are hiding or which birds are flying that someone will show up at a bad time and a battle will be lost by Side X or a marriage proposal will be accepted for Person Q.

I personally believe that some of the world’s gentlest chaos is everyone under 5 years of age.

Every emotion every day is actually normal. Ask new parents if you have forgotten about that. I relearned it when my now 18 year old was a very young child.

A lot of the time a hug or letting someone get up and run around makes everything all better, at least for a little while.

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