Collections 2014

Sometimes people get a lot of something and call the group a collection.

There are organizations that have collections departments to get what is owed to them.

For those well versed in the language it is not confusing. For those who are not it could confusing are prone to misuse.

As a teen I first developed a record collection. I don’t know how others would view it but it was a lot of fun and a big deal at the time. I have managed to keep something right along those lines ever since. Culturally, I think most people do, but it is not supposed to have become some kind of requirement. I do not have all the music that I have bought at this time. I suspect a lot of people my age also find that to be true in their cases. I think I have 40 to 45 albums in the forms of CDs and cassettes at the moment. I have probably only had a few hundred in my entire life so far.

What is different is that in my mid 30s I adopted a husband’s video collection. Whether good or bad, he has not been my husband in more years than he was my husband for: perhaps it is very hard for me to have a husband or I am much more challenging to have as a wife than it would seem on a relaxed and good natured day. I don’t know, but later, in my early 40s for the first time I actually began to develop a video collection. It is now as big as my music collection, but there is music in the video collection. I guess this is obvious.

I suppose it is just a bit like it was when I first developed a music collection in that for some reason it feels kind of like a big deal even though it is also not a very big deal.

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