Random & Spontaneous 2014

As March comes to an end, the amount of light here in North Germany continues to change at a rate of 2 hours every 6 weeks. It is now dusk at 8:15pm. At Winter Solstice dusk occurred at 3pm which made me and a lot of other creatures – human and nonhuman, want to just curl up and bury oneself until – March actually, when it is now quite alright to come out again.

Today’s weather was even warm and Sunny without too much wind. Wind is common around here and while it is often pleasantly Sunny, the condition of it being actually ‘warm’ in Germany is rather rare. It is quite true, but it isn’t good and until I lived in it for a few years and lived where it actually gets a little hot in the Summers (but usually below homeostatic 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), I think I just found it unbelievable and went into denial that it could really be that easy for plants to grow so well without it ever getting hot enough to go to the beach and eat ice cream – but in Germany, it has not been warm enough for that except for maybe 2 days in the preceding 3 Summers. Yikes.

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