Random Blog Post 2014

This information may or may not make sense.

Living in Germany I have had casual conversation with some people from whom I grew up separated from by a fortified wall built in Germany. Growing up I never thought that I would be chatting with such people while in my 40s. We spoke to each other in German because their second language was Russian, not English for political and practical reasons. I could not speak to them until I learned enough German to do so, and so did they. I only learned so much German because I went to England on an exchange program during my 20s and my life became complicated by becoming a mother by a man (now and ex) who was some West German guy who had learned some English and some Russian. I felt it showed that he placing very conservative bets in terms of the Cold War, by learning some of each of those two languages.

That was not really a message that I had planned on giving when I started today’s post.

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