There are numerous narrative writing styles, used for different writing projects. Like everyone else well versed in the language I can write about myself in first, second or third person, with an active or a passive voice.

The search for representation for the now 2 novels has made progress that for reasons not even consciously know, did not happen 20 years ago.

Movies have been big the past few years especially without regular television service. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are visible via recording playing 2 different people, but it is a little complicated because they are playing the same character exhibiting two different personalities and one of the two suffering from some kind of dissociative identity disorder but having an actual breakthrough and becoming increasingly familiar with the other one and about half way through the film begins to realize more and more that this man he know is actually himself….but he blanked out and did not know that for at least a year or two…which most people would find understandably both scary and very weird…for anyone to ‘discover’ that they are one person acting and believing the one self to be two totally different people for over a year.

I have seen both actors as a number of other people. There is a lady in the movie who’s name I am not clear on while I write this but I can tell you that she has played the roles of: Belatrix, and Mrs. Lovette and this character Marla and that she is a real person with her own real life identity but is not the same person as the characters she has played in the movies, which in some cases is a lot like – but not identical to, the kinds of problems that people might have in real life regarding their roles, how other people think they are, how honest or dishonest their self-presentation is, and any mental problems that involve the sense of identity.

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