Shameless self promotion 2014

Why should anyone pay good money to read one of my professional works? Well, first of all, it depends on what you are looking to read. When I am the actual author of the kind of book or booklet you are seeking, and are ready and willing to spend a few bucks here or there, guess what?

Anyone who reads my professional work gets a creative work by a caring professional. Like the rest, I have used media throughout my life and know that reading can be fantastic when it is well written and it is the kind of story that someone is looking for.

The above novel is a bit of a surprise in that I had not expected me to write any kind of crime story but I did. Some could stretch it and claim that since I watched and read Sherlock Holmes stories and crime fiction TV that I learned more about the genre than I would have otherwise. Even so, I would have guessed wrongly that my second novel would be science fiction or fantasy but it wasn’t. Also, it is out there as if it is the first one, although I never would have believed that I could even write a decent novel until after I managed to do it the first time. The first one was finally recreated last year after having been a devastated victim of my personal life chaos back in 1992 when everyone else noticed the big change as the Soviet Union collapsed.

An Adventure in Indianapolis aka The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead is about one the sorest problems of Indianapolis but an entirely bigger than life fictional version of one case and how it is solved. Meant for readers who really like to know what the characters are thinking as well as what they are doing. Contemporary fiction for a general but definitely adult audience. Buy yours now!

After you buy yours and read it, please do post a review online!

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