Nearing Spring – Officially 2014

Well, after all that, now it is nearly Spring throughout the Northern hemisphere. Hopefully readers have all had a good Winter.

Personally, I think Spring feels different if the harsh weather doesn’t arrive until February. The severity of the Winter also effects how it seems.

Families and other social groups to which one belongs can also influence how it is perceived. You may have relatives or buddies who have their birthdays all in the same season or not. Of course it matters if you look ahead and see everyone’s birthdays coming up or if the Easter holiday or St. Patty’s Day and then Easter are the only holidays you will be seeing for months.

The Internet being sort of global, and having seen Chris Hemsworth in movies these past couple of years as well as library copies of Dr. House and ‘that guy from Australia’ who’s name slips my mind at the moment, …I am reminded that down under the seasons are reversed. They are used to having to flip it because of North hemisphere people not really caring that they are different but they are all there. Even much of South America is down under although I think I still have that kind of ideological Cold War style brain wash that tells me they are all “just poor Communists down there” and that I should “turn my attention elsewhere”.

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