Gender and the Children of Loki series 2014

There are both men and women in the series of novels involving interstellar mercenaries. For some reason, as a woman, I feel the need to make some kind of comment about how I feel about some of the main issues for women at the dawn of the 21st century.

There are some women warriors in the series. I am not an advocate of abuse of women or men, especially domestic abuse. I do not think or feel that most women should turn themselves or ourselves into warriors in an effort to be more feminist. I think that would be misguided at best. I do also believe that just as there are some men who are much more naturally or subjectively ‘cut out to be warriors’ there are also women who have those kinds of inclinations. I believe that there is a place for warriors in human society although I also love and advocate nonviolence and compassion above force and cruelty for a just society and hopeful future for humanity. That granted, I feel that those who really do want or need to be warriors and who have that gift deserve respect and the right to cultivate that and find socially constructive ways to put that to use.

The series of novels includes more than one culture and more than one method of handling these kinds of forces.

Most hard science fiction fans are grown men. While women are also welcome to read the novels due to the history of the genre I expect more men to be interested and it is written with that in mind.

I do do some other writing which is for women, and some that is for children. I hope you all understand this and people can deal with my works without feeling somehow that I am denying a legitimate readership.

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