Is that really self-publishing? Crime Fiction 2014

Meanwhile, I have continued to have some kind of traditional publishing success. In some very humble way, I sort of have, but compared to what I had thought – not much, not really.

Here is an example of how you can get a self-published version of a novel which is in the strange position of being both my first and second novel at the same time.

This is my first novel because it has been at least sort of released. As the first to go so public, it is a first. It is my second novel, because it is the second time that I wrote a novel. It occurred many years and in a different genre from the first.

Readers can provide reviews and give me feedback: how good is the setting description? The reason I ask is because I wrote it set in the city in which I living in the 7th consecutive year of living there. It makes me wonder if I described it well thanks to that, or if I overlooked anything because I took it for granted because I lived there at the time.

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