Qualifications for giving advice as a writer 2014

While receiving good advice as a writer is helpful, there is plenty of advice out there and it may not always suit the needs of every writer. Before giving advice, I often consider: am I qualified to give advice on this topic?

I have reasons to feel qualified and unqualified to provide writer’s advice. The reasons why not are that as most of you noticed I am not a rich and famous author although I would like to be both for having produced works that I am proud of and feel good about having produced while abiding by my personal values.

The reasons that I do feel qualified are that I took some classes, did well in them, wrote as an amateur, won a couple of low level but real awards for writing, got published in professional publications…and during the decade after that I wrote a wider variety of things and managed to get paid, often not much, for having written them. Most of the money I earned so far has been from contract writing without a byline.

I do wonder whether writing professional has improved or dragged down the level of my writing or a bit of both – degenerating the more literary form of writing but improving the quality of writing in plain language.

Whether one does it for fun or for pay, writing is rather des rigour in our world.

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