Success & Failure 2014

Success and failure are both realities that I have some experience with. I think that most people do. We learn that stuff we begin to think of ourselves as being good at, we can do well more quickly whereas I think most of us also have activities that we find it hard to get much improvement in – or we get a good learning curve but then after a while, we realize we have plataeud and when we check around we find out that we are only mediocre rather than particularly good or bad at anything.

Individuality is made up largely of how this is actually true. Obviously opportunities and culture and gender all influence how this simple reality plays out.

There are also people who can become excellent with a tremendous amount of effort, at a kind of task they may have not felt they even had a real talent for. This is sometimes true. It can be caused by misperception – the 5th grade teacher who said So-n-So isn’t good at something but in reality for some reason that teacher was just wrong and 20 years later So-n-So is one of the best at that…and other weird events can transpire.

Failing in an activity perceived subjectively as a strong point can be harder to take than failure in an area not viewed as being anything one is good at in the first place.

Spiritually, they say that failure and success are supposed to be considered equals, or at least, that one is supposed to remain emotionally placid about both failure and success. Well, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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