More Writer’s Advice

The following pieces of information are both true but may seem to directly conflict with each other.

To succeed as a professional writer, you should be flexible and try many types of writing.

To succeed as a professional writer, you should find a niche where you are paid well and then stay there, wracking up payments and points by writing more in your niche than everyone outside of that specialty – sometimes more than everyone else put together (sad, but true except for the happy workaholics among us).

Amateur writing can be the same way, but it depends on how you developed. Through about the 3rd year of university I was still getting the odd English literature course. For those who wish to scour the past looking for precursors, I wrote a one act play in the 2nd grade outside of school, kept a diary, and did get published in the high school magazine when I graduated.

Most of the professional writing I have done has involved parameters unlike those in the literature courses and I have never been paid for writing in iambic pentameter but think it would be truly great (not being sarcastic) if I had been paid to do that by now.

Random & Spontaneous 2014

As March comes to an end, the amount of light here in North Germany continues to change at a rate of 2 hours every 6 weeks. It is now dusk at 8:15pm. At Winter Solstice dusk occurred at 3pm which made me and a lot of other creatures – human and nonhuman, want to just curl up and bury oneself until – March actually, when it is now quite alright to come out again.

Today’s weather was even warm and Sunny without too much wind. Wind is common around here and while it is often pleasantly Sunny, the condition of it being actually ‘warm’ in Germany is rather rare. It is quite true, but it isn’t good and until I lived in it for a few years and lived where it actually gets a little hot in the Summers (but usually below homeostatic 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), I think I just found it unbelievable and went into denial that it could really be that easy for plants to grow so well without it ever getting hot enough to go to the beach and eat ice cream – but in Germany, it has not been warm enough for that except for maybe 2 days in the preceding 3 Summers. Yikes.

Random Blog Post 2014

This information may or may not make sense.

Living in Germany I have had casual conversation with some people from whom I grew up separated from by a fortified wall built in Germany. Growing up I never thought that I would be chatting with such people while in my 40s. We spoke to each other in German because their second language was Russian, not English for political and practical reasons. I could not speak to them until I learned enough German to do so, and so did they. I only learned so much German because I went to England on an exchange program during my 20s and my life became complicated by becoming a mother by a man (now and ex) who was some West German guy who had learned some English and some Russian. I felt it showed that he placing very conservative bets in terms of the Cold War, by learning some of each of those two languages.

That was not really a message that I had planned on giving when I started today’s post.

Working Online? 2014

Is it possible to make a good living working online? Yes. Is it likely that by trying an online method for earning a good living from home that it will work? No.

Here’s what happened to me. I did not think that I was going to try to earn a living online. What happened was simply that I was given the tip that I might try using the Google search engine in search of professional writing opportunities. I had tried a few things before, and am old enough to have learned about seeking work before the surge of Internet usage at the dawn of the new Millenium and century.

I went ahead and tried that. I discovered what are now well known as ‘freelancing websites’. These things can be a blessing, a curse or some kind of creature that is a bit of both. What has been great for me about those was that I got some paid experience. Also, over the past ten years they have grown a lot and there are some improvements in the kind of work they offer. What has been bad about it, has been that the pay rates often do not improve even with years of experience and the hiring clients are as apt to behave as if it is offensive to them that you worked for them for an entire year and not just once in a while instead of them wanting to keep you or even admitting that you worked for them later, let alone giving you a well deserved reference.

There are possibilities for people who cannot connect more directly, through more conventional or old fashioned methods. There are people who strike it rich online but I think that for every one who makes it there are more than 50 victims – people who tried and needed real employment and steady income but never got have that.

This only works if you are looking for something to read.  Many of you think on your own time and like to do so at your own pace.  For those who like ‘concentrates’, and ever wonder about life’s most important questions: one’s like “Is there a God? and how am I supposed to know that?  Or, how do any of us really know anything?”  I have a little booklet for you.  It is inexpensive and is flexible enough to take with you in many situations.  Maybe you read while riding the train, or just waiting for your laundry or the doctor. 


At your own pace, the best techniques to get the right answers are presented in a very real- world oriented way.

Get yours today. You deserve it.

There are numerous narrative writing styles, used for different writing projects. Like everyone else well versed in the language I can write about myself in first, second or third person, with an active or a passive voice.

The search for representation for the now 2 novels has made progress that for reasons not even consciously know, did not happen 20 years ago.

Movies have been big the past few years especially without regular television service. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are visible via recording playing 2 different people, but it is a little complicated because they are playing the same character exhibiting two different personalities and one of the two suffering from some kind of dissociative identity disorder but having an actual breakthrough and becoming increasingly familiar with the other one and about half way through the film begins to realize more and more that this man he know is actually himself….but he blanked out and did not know that for at least a year or two…which most people would find understandably both scary and very weird…for anyone to ‘discover’ that they are one person acting and believing the one self to be two totally different people for over a year.

I have seen both actors as a number of other people. There is a lady in the movie who’s name I am not clear on while I write this but I can tell you that she has played the roles of: Belatrix, and Mrs. Lovette and this character Marla and that she is a real person with her own real life identity but is not the same person as the characters she has played in the movies, which in some cases is a lot like – but not identical to, the kinds of problems that people might have in real life regarding their roles, how other people think they are, how honest or dishonest their self-presentation is, and any mental problems that involve the sense of identity.

Shameless self promotion 2014

Why should anyone pay good money to read one of my professional works? Well, first of all, it depends on what you are looking to read. When I am the actual author of the kind of book or booklet you are seeking, and are ready and willing to spend a few bucks here or there, guess what?

Anyone who reads my professional work gets a creative work by a caring professional. Like the rest, I have used media throughout my life and know that reading can be fantastic when it is well written and it is the kind of story that someone is looking for.

The above novel is a bit of a surprise in that I had not expected me to write any kind of crime story but I did. Some could stretch it and claim that since I watched and read Sherlock Holmes stories and crime fiction TV that I learned more about the genre than I would have otherwise. Even so, I would have guessed wrongly that my second novel would be science fiction or fantasy but it wasn’t. Also, it is out there as if it is the first one, although I never would have believed that I could even write a decent novel until after I managed to do it the first time. The first one was finally recreated last year after having been a devastated victim of my personal life chaos back in 1992 when everyone else noticed the big change as the Soviet Union collapsed.

An Adventure in Indianapolis aka The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead is about one the sorest problems of Indianapolis but an entirely bigger than life fictional version of one case and how it is solved. Meant for readers who really like to know what the characters are thinking as well as what they are doing. Contemporary fiction for a general but definitely adult audience. Buy yours now!

After you buy yours and read it, please do post a review online!

Writers’ Advice

For kids and amateurs: write every day, even if it is only a little bit.

Read the greats. Use libraries and books stores as well as using your school books.

Take classes. Those in school will be provided with English lessons. Those in college and university (long story) may have to choose to continue to get English lessons but now there is more free choice about literature and writing classes than before.

Writing workshops. These can be taken as one offs. Many are shorter than entire semester long courses and do not require full university matriculation. There are various types of teachers of writing work shops and it makes sense to ask them if the work shop curriculum is not clear.

Writer’s groups: taken with a grain of salt, but true.

Nearing Spring – Officially 2014

Well, after all that, now it is nearly Spring throughout the Northern hemisphere. Hopefully readers have all had a good Winter.

Personally, I think Spring feels different if the harsh weather doesn’t arrive until February. The severity of the Winter also effects how it seems.

Families and other social groups to which one belongs can also influence how it is perceived. You may have relatives or buddies who have their birthdays all in the same season or not. Of course it matters if you look ahead and see everyone’s birthdays coming up or if the Easter holiday or St. Patty’s Day and then Easter are the only holidays you will be seeing for months.

The Internet being sort of global, and having seen Chris Hemsworth in movies these past couple of years as well as library copies of Dr. House and ‘that guy from Australia’ who’s name slips my mind at the moment, …I am reminded that down under the seasons are reversed. They are used to having to flip it because of North hemisphere people not really caring that they are different but they are all there. Even much of South America is down under although I think I still have that kind of ideological Cold War style brain wash that tells me they are all “just poor Communists down there” and that I should “turn my attention elsewhere”.

Gender and the Children of Loki series 2014

There are both men and women in the series of novels involving interstellar mercenaries. For some reason, as a woman, I feel the need to make some kind of comment about how I feel about some of the main issues for women at the dawn of the 21st century.

There are some women warriors in the series. I am not an advocate of abuse of women or men, especially domestic abuse. I do not think or feel that most women should turn themselves or ourselves into warriors in an effort to be more feminist. I think that would be misguided at best. I do also believe that just as there are some men who are much more naturally or subjectively ‘cut out to be warriors’ there are also women who have those kinds of inclinations. I believe that there is a place for warriors in human society although I also love and advocate nonviolence and compassion above force and cruelty for a just society and hopeful future for humanity. That granted, I feel that those who really do want or need to be warriors and who have that gift deserve respect and the right to cultivate that and find socially constructive ways to put that to use.

The series of novels includes more than one culture and more than one method of handling these kinds of forces.

Most hard science fiction fans are grown men. While women are also welcome to read the novels due to the history of the genre I expect more men to be interested and it is written with that in mind.

I do do some other writing which is for women, and some that is for children. I hope you all understand this and people can deal with my works without feeling somehow that I am denying a legitimate readership.